Friday, 31 August 2012

Summers End?

Summers End sounds like it should be a fabric collection. Really it's just what I pondered yesterday when a friend and I went over to Waterperry Gardens after I finished work. Some of the leaves on the trees were turning. The gardens were looking a little battered (probably due to the weeks of rain and gales) and there were some plants completely discombobulated by this years freaky weather: Magnolia out again and Wisteria?!

Anyway, the flowers and plants I did photograph look good enough to feature in a fabric collection. So whilst part of me is kind of sad that there is a cold nip in the air and dew on the ground come morning (meaning the frost season is close by now) I'm sharing with you the pictures that made me feel happy and inspired yesterday.

Yellows and purples featured heavily in many of the beds

Dahlias in every shade or red with velvet like petals. I just had to touch these flowers.

I loved the purple

I marvelled at the colour and sculptural qualities of these dahlias. 
I'm sure someone more talented than I could probably recreate these out of starched fabric petals?

Pendulous Pears.
Many places have seen fruit crops fail or struggle.
The pears seemed to be doing really well at Wateperry.

If you can't decide if you like the purple or the orange 
dahlias the best perhaps a combined one is for you?

Pumpkins and gourds surely signal summer is over and autumn is here?

Autumnal colours

Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff - camera didn't do the colour justice.
 But I do like the little bee flecked with nectar.

And as always I'm optimistically hoping that we have an Indian Summer so winter seems just a little shorter and further away.  Are you feeling inspired by the Autumn colours around at the moment or just plain depressed summer is over before it really got started?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fabric through my letter box!

Last year I won a give away and ended up scoring some cute Japanese fabric charms. I used a few duplicates, but the rest have been put to one side for just the right project and are high up on the list for when I have a sewing machine that isn't Marty McTempermental. I really liked the idea of a table runner ala Lynz or maybe a charm quilt. But if I want to do both I really need some more Japanese fabric goodness. So when I heard about the Japanese Charm Swap I was signing up quicker than...a really quick thing.


For those of you that haven't taken part in a swap like this before. Each member buys a metre/yard of fabric and chops it up into 5" squares which they send off to the swap co-ordinator - in the case of this swap the lovely Sarah aka Ayatollah Hogamanay, who then sorts them into piles and sends them back. So each person gets a set of different charms.  It's a great way of getting a range of fabrics.  I think what is particularly fun with this swap is Japanese fabrics really lend themselves to a spot of fussy cutting and they tend to be more expensive than other quilting fabrics so it's a great way of getting a good Japanese assortment.

I chose this fabric from Celtic Fusion Fabrics - who kindly gave us swappers a discount to use for this swap. As always super fast delivery so despite ordering this on Sunday (it was a Bank Holiday on Monday) this plopped through my letter box today.

Lecien TP Collection Bears with Bandannas
Here are my 56 charms ready to go. 
I had a little panic with cutting but that's a whole other story 

Also popping through my letter box was a bit of pre holiday shopping at Sew Fresh Fabrics.

A spot of Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner and of course some Momo

A colleague is expecting in about two weeks. I'm kind of hoping (selfishly I know) bub will hang around until I can get a new machine as this Oh deer! would be fab for a baby quilt and I'm not risking that with Marty McTempermental.

Also arriving recently was this bag of scraps from Nichol.  She had a give away on her blog a while back for some scraps she couldn't bother to sort any further and I love other peoples scraps. I think it's a universal accepted thing, that other people's scraps are always more interesting. I'm going to have fun with these I'm sure!


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Missing Mojo

It was back to work today and so the holiday is well and truly over.  Unfortunately I think my sewing mojo has decided to stay on holiday a while longer.  I did wonder if part of the missing mojo thing was to do with wanting needing to get a new machine before I tackle half the things I want to.  Even Chief asked yesterday lunch time when we sat down to a Ploughmans Lunch (sharing the table with my old machine) what I was doing about getting a new machine.  (And in case you're wondering: I'm waiting until my holiday is paid for before I whack another big expense on the plastic.)

So last night I decided to go to the website where I was hoping to get my new machine from and just drool over it for a bit.  Only to find Shock Horror it's no longer listed! I can get the next machine up but that means adding a lot more money to the purchase! Cue lots of Internet searching and debating and probably weeks of agonising as I don't do impulse buys of this nature.

But then I decided that I really needed to get on with some sewing as the deadline in the Brit Quilt Swap Round 3 is imminent and whilst I'd done the quilt, I'd not done the label.

This is the front of the quilt


This is the back with the label - my finger was on hand to grab the leaf if it tried blowing away again!


Could your name be under the leaf? And don't ask how I managed to sew it on so wonky :-(

So now I need to go and get together an extra and wrap it all up and then I'll be good to go. I hope my partner likes it.  I've never worked up to a deadline like this before. Normally I'd be done and dusted ages before. However, being ill at the start of the month, then having a turn before going on holiday sort of ate into my time like I didn't believe possible and then the missing mojo hasn't helped.  Lets hope it decides it's had holiday enough soon!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Interlude: The Holiday Part 1

Every time I sit down I'm either catching up with blog posts, answering emails, mooching about on flickr or sorting through hundreds of holiday snaps.  So I can share a few with you now and give you an idea of what I did on my holidays.

Everyday there was fun in the pool - and yes it was great weather all week so we could get out in the outdoor pool.

I need to point out one set of legs are my nieces the other my brothers. 
Just in case you thought his legs were mine and I really should have shaved....


For some reason I kept wearing my sunnies in the pool.  Never done that before. 

Poolside fun

Despite 4 course meals in the hotel every night I obviously remained as light as a feather.

We went to Poole on the bus and walked down to the Quay to get the Brownsea Island Ferry. We decided not to get off at Brownsea this year but stay on the ferry and do the Harbour Cruise. It takes about an hour. I always take a picture of the tree below but this was the first year the heather had looked so bright and purple.
The purple is heather

Brownsea Island Castle

Brownsea Island Castle is owned by the John Lewis Partnership and is run as a five star hotel, where staff can go for holiday's paying three star prices. Although I think there is a few years waiting list to get a room!  Brownsea Island is run by the National Trust so if you get off the ferry here, you have to pay NT entrance prices.  The castle is not open to the public, but the NT do have a shop and restaurant there.  There is also a wildlife reserve - in fact the whole island is teaming with wildlife and is home to lots of different species including: red squirrels, Japanese seeker deer and peacocks. 


I always forget which island out of the half or dozen or so Islands in Poole Harbour is used for oil.  In fact I think one of Europe's biggest on shore oil operations happens on this island and there is pipe under Poole Harbour that runs for some seven miles.  This island used to belong to BP but I think a French company has bought it now.  You can't really see much activity of the oil operation as they've planted trees everywhere to shield the ugly bits.

Note the footwear

My Mum and my niece and I have been coming here each summer since 2007! My niece is now 12 and she is nearly as tall as me and already her shoes fit me. Her mum is very pleased about, this as these Birkenstocks cost her Mum £50 (she paid extra for narrow fitting) and my niece has hardly worn them so it looks like they'll be mine imminently! My mum is even smaller and can fit into my nieces clothes. So my niece said she's passing them on to her when she grows out of them. If she does Mum may just end up being the only Octogenarian to wear Superdry and Hollister clothes... 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Normal Service is Not Yet Resumed...

...Does it feel like I've been away for ages? It does to me. I have been on the annual family trip to Bournemouth.  It feels like I've been away for months.  I got back on Friday and it still feels like I'm in holiday mode. I have absolutely no inclination to sew.  I'm constantly having to ask people around me what day of the week it is and I'm thinking going back to work on Tuesday might come as a bit of a shock to my in-holiday-mode system!

I am still sorting through the photos, so I'll have to bore blog about those another time.  We were very lucky with the weather. It started to rain on Friday when we were coming home. The rest of the time we had really sunny weather. I have a bit of a tan going on.  (It's ok I won't force you to see pictures of my white bits. That really would be cruel and unusual punishment for you all!)

The clouds always look dramatic over Stonor it was actually really warm and lovely.

Today I've been to the Chilterns Craft Fair at Stonor, just outside Henley in Oxfordshire, with my Mum.  I told you about my trip to Stonor last year here. I did rather a lot of shopping. There was of course new jewellery for me from Circle and Dash, including some earrings bought for me by my Mum (and just as well because the necklace I bought must have been the most expensive one for sale and I said I'd take it before asking the price.)  I swear they pump something into the marquee's to make me temporarily lose my senses at times - especially as I also more craft show knitwear. Which I'm typing really small so that most of you may not be able to read it. I have to confess I've never worn the craft show knitwear I bought last year. I'm still contemplating whether I should be sending it to Lynz who requested it, rather than leaving it unloved in my wardrobe. So I must be mental buying more.  

There is so much to see and buy!

I used my camo messenger bag I made a few years back and got lots of comments from people who liked it.  If I ever start making something to sell I suspect this is the item I should be going for.  I also bought some earrings with a camo design. I told Chief and he said they'd be useful if I ever need to blend in somewhere - oh wait you'd not really blend in anywhere earrings or not!  There was some Christmas shopping done and a special present for a soon to be 70 year old.

Chief is hoping to get down at some point tomorrow when he finishes work.  I'm not sure when I'll be back to sewing, but I'll let you know when normal service is resumed.  I hope you're all having a great bank holiday weekend!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chief's Birthday and a Bee's Bottom

Today is Chief's birthday.  He managed to get down and spend most of the day with me.  It was really important to me that he had a happy birthday.  He has a lot of family troubles to deal with as his father is seriously ill. Even last night it was doubtful as to if Chief would make it down, as he waited to hear news of his father's latest operation.  Things are made harder for Chief as at the beginning of September he's off to Cyprus on exercise.  At the moment he'd really rather be with his dad and spend what could be all the time his dad has left, with him.  So today we had a lovely Thai lunch out and then we popped to get Chief his birthday present from me (he decided he wanted a tripod). I felt bad I'd not got him a proper present but with him not giving me any hints (and I had directly asked what he wanted!) and my not being well I'd not organised anything.  When we got home we sat in the summer house looking at the new tripod and nattering until there was a torrential thunder storm and we were forced inside for tea and cake.  All in all I think he had a much better day than he'd expected and hopefully our time together took his mind of the sad things going on at the moment.

After he'd gone I had chance to open my mail.  Katy suggested if I want to make fabric covered buttons I get myself one of these. Of course I still don't have any buttons to cover, but at least I now have the tool!

Tool for covering buttons

There was another package in my mail that had me scratching my head when I opened the outer wrapping and found this:

Hmmm what's this then?

I thought I recognised the stripy bag wrapping with the fabric tape closure. But I wasn't expecting anything and it was Chief's birthday not mine.  The envelope told me to open the packages first. In side the stripy bag I found these:

The most adorable Russian Doll pins and a pretty card to wish me well quickly. So cute! 
And a great cheer me up after being poorly.

The next package had a zakka style pencil case in it and it felt a bit lumpy. On closer inspection I found a sweet little bee charm nestling inside. 

Now I do like things with Bee's on them...

And this is a very cute little bee, but wait what's this on the bee's bottom?

Look it has a flowery bottom! Hmm a bee with a flower power bottom.

Has anyone twigged who this package was from and the significance?  I confess I had to open and read the card. My Mum helpfully suggested it was a swap package. I say helpfully because this sent me into a momentary panic that I may have signed up for a swap and completely forgotten about it ie. not made the item and not joined in on flickr. In fact pretty much wiped the whole swap from my memory. Then I realised this was highly unlikely!

It actually was a gift from Sarah who blogs at Sew Me:

Sew Me

and is a fellow hipBee.  Hence the wonderful bee charm with a hippy bottom. The reason I recognised the wrapping was the charm and the lovely pins were from Poppys Pocket which I've bought from and told you about before. Poppys Pocket is the great little etsy shop run by Judith's daughter Shannon and you really need to go and check it out if you've not visited before.

So it was Chief's birthday and I think I got the best presents.  

hipBee surprises
Pretty cards, pin toppers, a bee charm and a lovely zakka style pencil case. 
Can you spot the co-ordinating Russian dolls on the fabric?

So thank you again Sarah for such a lovely surprise. Just the best kind of mail to get and much appreciated. The friendships being forged in the hipBee's are just fab, it was so kind of Sarah to think of us fellow hipBee's and include a little extra to cheer me up after being poorly. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The House that Jan Built

I need to warn any of you that are of a nervous disposition. You may not want to read this post. I am going to confess to doing something either downright brilliant or so stupid it will leave many of you a nervous quaking wreck.  But before I tell you what I need to tell you the why.

I told you in this post about a new bee I'd been asked to join: The hipBee.  I didn't hesitate in saying yes and have been excited about it ever since I joined.  August was our first month and the Queen Bee is the lovely Reene who blogs over at Nellie's Niceties.  Reene asked for house blocks and sent us some Summersville fabric and some Klona ash coloured solid.  Initially I'd thought about lots of small houses in one block as per this picture she referenced in her instructions.  However, I'm one of the last to make a block and everyone else has gone for a single large house. So I decided that doing a multiple house block like this might look a bit out of place in the final quilt.  I was tempted to go wonky, but my previous wonky experience is that wonky blocks eat fabric far more than you realise and so I thought instead I'd tackle something I'd never ever done before. Foundation Paper Piecing.

What? Did she just say she's going to take Reene's fabric and do something she's never done before. She's actually going to attempt foundation Paper Piecing?!

(I did warn those of you of a nervous disposition.)

Anyway, I got some grease proof paper out of the kitchen cupboard because it's thin and cut it to 12.5". I drew out the design of the house and I then broke it down into sections. A bit with chimneys, the roof, the main house and the garden.  I cut each section up because I couldn't get my head around how I could actually do all the sections on one piece of paper.  I don't really get foundation paper piecing if I'm completely honest.

Not only has she never done FPP, but she doesn't get it. She's still going to cut into Reene's fabric?

Then I opened up Katy's Foundation Paper Piecing for the Terrified.  I intended to do this and recently I read every single post and meant to start it the next day. Only I think I got distracted by low volume blocks or framed purses. But I did read it all. I figured as long as I re read the first two sections I'd be good to go.

She's a little bit mad isn't she? I mean she's got Reene's Summersville and now she thinks she can foundation paper piece a whole block just because she read a couple of posts Katy wrote.

The chimney and the roof went together a dream, ok in the interest of full disclosure I did get my seam ripper out a couple of times too many times to count because it's tricky getting my head around which way the fabric should be facing etc. The house was a little slower because I spent ages trying to find some fabric of my own to add (all the others have and as Reene likes detailing, I thought I might as well add a person in the house.)

Where I came unstuck was the final part.  The garden.  I hadn't really planned which of Reene's fabric I was going to use where. I'd pick up a bit and think - yep that would be good for the door and that would be good for the garden and had I planned it all out ahead I'd have realised that the square I had left for the path was not actually wide enough to make the path. I had to do a bit of improv piecing; a spot of crazy paving.  Whilst I was trying to get it to look more like a path and less like a dogs breakfast, I decided to add a dog resting in the garden.

I then had to add some more sky to bring the block up to size as I'd forgotten that chopping up each paper pieced section would mean rejoining them and losing seam allowance in the process.  (I also lost the pointy bit of the roof for the same reason. Ooopsy - hope Reene won't mind too much.)

House Block for Reene
I'm not sure if he's a shop keeper or a keen cook. 
Maybe he's just back from the village store with his shopping.

So now I just need to do my siggy block and this can go in the post back to Reene. And yes I know this could have gone either way. I could be sat crying on the sofa and plucking up the courage to ask Reene for some more fabric! And maybe I'll actually do some of Katy's course before I do any more paper piecing.

I also finished my Mini Quilt for Brit Quilt Swap 3.  It just needs the label.


A couple more ticks on my must-do-in-August-list!  I'll leave it to you to decide whether my block for Reene makes me ready for the mad house.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

A catch up

It feels like ages since I was properly in the blogging groove. It's probably only been days. It just feels like forever.  It also feels like forever since I did any sewing. Life gets in the way sometimes and August is set to be a whole lot less productive than July!

In case you didn't see the pictures on Flickr this is my finished mini quilt top for Brit Quilt Swap 3. I haven't done any more to it because I can't decide what fabric to use for backing.  I'm still at the pondering and auditioning stage.

Brit Quilt Swap 3

I had a great mail day today when a book I ordered turned up. I'd been waiting and hoping this would arrive every single day since I ordered it. 

Mail Greatness

You know how that paper piecing book Patchwork 318 is one of the holy grails of quilting books that many of us would kill for a copy of?  Well this is how I've felt about this book by Pam Sussman. It had been on my Amazon wish list for what felt like forever. It seems like it's been out of print now for a while and so copies second hand go for a premium price.  I'd hummed and hawed about buying a copy on numerous occasions, then I'd read reviews of second hand sellers and some had had mixed reviews. And really if I was going to pay over the odds for a second hand copy of a book I wanted to make sure it was a decent copy and actually arrived.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was having a trawl about the Internet  and I found a seller in the US was selling a second hand copy.  It was by far the cheapest second hand one I'd seen for sale and as this was a proper used book seller the description of the book and it's condition was in some booksellers trade goobledegook speak.  A more sensible person would have probably sent the seller and email to enquire about the book. But having found the book at such a steal of a price I was suddenly gripped with the fear the whole world would try buying this book out from under me!  Luckily when the book turned up today it was in excellent condition and I headed straight out to the garden to read it from cover to cover and drool over pictures like this:


I have a tonne of beads, buttons, trims of all kinds and specialist fabrics and textile materials sat in a huge box or three and I've wanted to utilise this stash in making fabric books for a long while now. But what I couldn't find was a good reference book for the best way of creating a book.  Now I just need to find the time as I have three other things I must get done before the end of the month. I think this could be a great in front of the TV project throughout the winter - If I can wait that long!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Just to say...

...I'm having major Internet problems at home. In all the time I've had my router (just over a year) I've never once had to go reboot it. On last week I did and on Thursday when I did it made no difference so I had to call my ISP - BT.  They got confused and told me to press something, which wiped the settings (and er 2 seconds later said: hang on don't press that...Yeah too late!) They then helped me restore it by transferring me randomly to someone else on the BT network.  I guess at least they didn't cut me off and eventually they got the router reconfigured.  But my Internet has been so slow and half the pages don't load when it does work and it's intermittently cutting out.  So Saturday I phoned back as my broadband router light was red all day - until about tea time when it decided to go green.  The first level help desk escalated it to the second level and said they'd phone back on Sunday after they'd done tests.  They did and are now sending me a home hub to try. They mentioned something about interference and it could be my router - which since Saturday has a habit of going red when I'm not actively using the Internet and then going green (with varying levels of success as far as Internet connectivity goes.) when I am.

So that was the long version to say I'm way behind answering emails and a bit sporadic with my blog reading/flicker activity.

And because I've not been sewing and don't like blogging without a picture:


Does anyone recognise this flower? No idea what it is. My mum bought it on a trip to the North East - possibly from Alnwick, a couple of years ago. It appeared to die (I suspect it's grown from a corm/bulb) not long after we planted it.  Then this year we spotted some green growth and now a flower.  Would love to know more about it because there might be a better location for it in our garden.

Friday, 3 August 2012

RIP Bob The Fire Eater

When I logged onto Facebook this afternoon I was greeted with the news that on Wednesday Bob The Fire Eater had died. The name will probably not mean much to the majority of people reading this.  But Bob was the man who showed me how to do this:

I'm really a dragon
Can you see the face in the flame? 
The chap sat on his own on the bank behind is Bob the Fire Eater.
and this:

One of the few pics of me fire eating where I don't look like an idiot. Some of the best full flame attempts weren't captured because onlookers tend to just on look and forget all about taking pics.

In fact I blogged about learning to fire eat in this Favourite Things Friday.  It really is up there with the most amazing things I've ever done.  Bob was quite a character; he was dedicated to making sure we each got the most out of the experience and a huge part of the day was spent confidence building and learning about the science behind what we were about to do once the fire brands came out. I found the fire eating side a challenge. Finding my mouth seemed to be difficult thing for me. So Bob took me to one side, told me to open my mouth and he repeatedly put the flaming brand into my mouth for me to extinguish. So easy to do it with his help. Although most people seemed to think they'd be far less trusting of having a complete stranger put a flame into their mouth!

This is how much barrier cream you need.
Plenty of humour in his workshops as he showed us just how much 
barrier cream to use for the Fire Breathing part of the day.

Bob the Fire Eater
Bob The Fire Eater - RIP.

Oh and Ada - thank you for your lovely comments recently which I can't reply to personally because you're set as a no reply blogger.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

A day with more good than bad!

For the second day running I got up with the intention of going into work.  I had a doctors appointment at 9.10 and then thought I'd park up closer to work (working less hours would mean I could park in the car park close to work and not the other end of the village and trek in.) start getting caught up on work stuff, see if my new large monitor had arrived and been installed (instead of nicked by a colleague that isn't getting a large monitor.) and well basically just ease back into normality.  My GP had other idea's and sent me home for the rest of the week. I completely appreciate there are great reasons for making sure nasty infections are gone completely, rather than struggling on renewing or prolonging them. But when you work for an organisation that doesn't pay sick pay there are financial considerations in staying off for too long.  I trust this GP's judgement.  He is the one I've been seeing about 'the turns'.  If I get any new symptoms I have to go straight back to the doctors. If I'm not better by Monday I have to go back.  If I didn't have an upset stomach he'd prescribe antibiotics as a precaution. As it is he thinks they could just end up making me feel worse. So now I just have to rest and take care of myself and will this infection gone. Especially with the holiday season looming!

I ran into my boss on the way to the chemist (not literally as I was in the car at the time!) and then it was back home feeling deflated until I saw the post man had been.  One small package which looked suspiciously like it might be my purse from my partner in the In the Frame Purse Swap.  I ripped off the out layer and inside was this:

 I have no idea how I managed to put this down, go get my camera and put a memory card in it
 and take a snap before I unwrapped!

And this is what was inside.  Try not to be too jealous!


All the way from Northern Ireland and Karen who blogs at Listen to the Birds Sing.  (yay I have a new blog to follow now too!) First off there is the gorgeous pouch made with several Liberty fabrics. Of course you know how I hate Liberty fabrics so much. Not!!! And they are even prettier than the photos show. I remember this purse in the swap because I got very distracted by the pretty dangly bits.  This is a sew in frame. I've not tried sew in frames before.  I hadn't realised they are solid on the inside part of the frame. This must make getting the needle in and out of the holes challenging! Must try this - and as luck would have it Karen must have thought I'd want to try it because she included a cute little frame.  There was also two lovely Liberty Buttons in the same fabrics.  I've always fancied covering some buttons myself. I wonder how easy it is?  It could become a new addiction as I replace all my boring buttons with fun fabric covered ones!

Isn't the bottom fab?!

So thank you so much Karen for such a fab pouch and goodies. Completely made my day!

My Mum saw the pouch and asked me what I was going to use it for.  I said, keeping treasures in it. Then popped the Liberty Buttons inside, with a smile.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Productivity!

I am not sure why, but judging by this year and last, I am far more productive in the summer months than the winter.  I have done quite a bit of stitching this month including getting a whole quilt finished! A quilt that I slept under when we had that really hot spell the other week. Even though it doesn't cover my whole bed it did cover me, when a duvet was just too hot.

My creation
I also made a sewing stuff pouch as per Judith's pattern and also a Liberty Hexie pinnie and matching framed purse for my partner in the Framed Purse Swap.  It was a great swap and Nicky has completely addicted me to making framed purses. I expect a few of these will be given as Christmas gifts filled with goodies. I haven't received the purse my partner has made me and I'm waiting impatiently and virtually pouncing on the postman each time he comes. waiting patiently for it to arrive. 

But where I really was a busy bee was with the individual blocks I made this month. Mostly low volume ones for myself or Fiona, but also some Bee Blessed ones too.  

My creation

I also made a start on my Brit Quilt Swap Quilt.

Progress so far

As I've been feeling so unwell at the end of July I suspect I'll be starting off August quietly. I certainly am fed up of feeling ill already!   I have got some stuff that I really must finish in August: Top of the list are the quilt above for Brit Quilt Swap and the House Blocks for Reene in the first month of hipBee's.  I also have another Bee blessed block to make and a cushion cover I started months ago as a present, but then had major doubts over so haven't progressed it.  

As I've got machine issues I won't be doing any machine quilting until I have a new machine. September is looking favourite at the earliest.   So I'm thinking lots more framed purses, Low volume blocks and small stuff.  

I'm linking this up with Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily's Quilts.

Lily's Quilts
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