Thursday, 9 August 2012

A catch up

It feels like ages since I was properly in the blogging groove. It's probably only been days. It just feels like forever.  It also feels like forever since I did any sewing. Life gets in the way sometimes and August is set to be a whole lot less productive than July!

In case you didn't see the pictures on Flickr this is my finished mini quilt top for Brit Quilt Swap 3. I haven't done any more to it because I can't decide what fabric to use for backing.  I'm still at the pondering and auditioning stage.

Brit Quilt Swap 3

I had a great mail day today when a book I ordered turned up. I'd been waiting and hoping this would arrive every single day since I ordered it. 

Mail Greatness

You know how that paper piecing book Patchwork 318 is one of the holy grails of quilting books that many of us would kill for a copy of?  Well this is how I've felt about this book by Pam Sussman. It had been on my Amazon wish list for what felt like forever. It seems like it's been out of print now for a while and so copies second hand go for a premium price.  I'd hummed and hawed about buying a copy on numerous occasions, then I'd read reviews of second hand sellers and some had had mixed reviews. And really if I was going to pay over the odds for a second hand copy of a book I wanted to make sure it was a decent copy and actually arrived.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was having a trawl about the Internet  and I found a seller in the US was selling a second hand copy.  It was by far the cheapest second hand one I'd seen for sale and as this was a proper used book seller the description of the book and it's condition was in some booksellers trade goobledegook speak.  A more sensible person would have probably sent the seller and email to enquire about the book. But having found the book at such a steal of a price I was suddenly gripped with the fear the whole world would try buying this book out from under me!  Luckily when the book turned up today it was in excellent condition and I headed straight out to the garden to read it from cover to cover and drool over pictures like this:


I have a tonne of beads, buttons, trims of all kinds and specialist fabrics and textile materials sat in a huge box or three and I've wanted to utilise this stash in making fabric books for a long while now. But what I couldn't find was a good reference book for the best way of creating a book.  Now I just need to find the time as I have three other things I must get done before the end of the month. I think this could be a great in front of the TV project throughout the winter - If I can wait that long!


  1. Oh, that book looks like it could lead to a lot of fun!! I love your BQS mini, good luck with choosing the backing!

  2. Well done Miss Marple tracking this down - looking forward to seeing what you create x

  3. I really love how your mini-quilt is coming along. Look forward to see how you are inspired by the new book purchase!

  4. Don't drool on it too much, the pages will warp ;o) BTW, how's 'tinternet?

  5. Love the bqs3 mini :-) Congrats on getting your holy grail book!

  6. The mini quilt is gorgeous. Finish it before you get totally distracted with new projects from the book!

  7. Oh what a lovely book! I bet you'll have great creative fun with it! Can't wait to see what you make with all your bead/button hoard! Jxo

  8. Oh I have that book - I actually bought it thinking it was about journal quilts not fabric journals, but it shoudl come into its own this year with a little project I am working on for the grandbaby.
    Love your BQS quilt.

  9. Well I just adore your mini top but as I`m not in the swap I can`t be your partner. Grrrr. Well done on getting the book - I love it when serendipitous things like that happen! BTW, I`m not back fully in the groove yet..

  10. Looks a fabulous book and I'm sure it will provide a good excuse for buying a few other bits and bobs to encorporate onto the pages.

  11. Loving your swap quilt - the colours are fab


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