Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chief's Birthday and a Bee's Bottom

Today is Chief's birthday.  He managed to get down and spend most of the day with me.  It was really important to me that he had a happy birthday.  He has a lot of family troubles to deal with as his father is seriously ill. Even last night it was doubtful as to if Chief would make it down, as he waited to hear news of his father's latest operation.  Things are made harder for Chief as at the beginning of September he's off to Cyprus on exercise.  At the moment he'd really rather be with his dad and spend what could be all the time his dad has left, with him.  So today we had a lovely Thai lunch out and then we popped to get Chief his birthday present from me (he decided he wanted a tripod). I felt bad I'd not got him a proper present but with him not giving me any hints (and I had directly asked what he wanted!) and my not being well I'd not organised anything.  When we got home we sat in the summer house looking at the new tripod and nattering until there was a torrential thunder storm and we were forced inside for tea and cake.  All in all I think he had a much better day than he'd expected and hopefully our time together took his mind of the sad things going on at the moment.

After he'd gone I had chance to open my mail.  Katy suggested if I want to make fabric covered buttons I get myself one of these. Of course I still don't have any buttons to cover, but at least I now have the tool!

Tool for covering buttons

There was another package in my mail that had me scratching my head when I opened the outer wrapping and found this:

Hmmm what's this then?

I thought I recognised the stripy bag wrapping with the fabric tape closure. But I wasn't expecting anything and it was Chief's birthday not mine.  The envelope told me to open the packages first. In side the stripy bag I found these:

The most adorable Russian Doll pins and a pretty card to wish me well quickly. So cute! 
And a great cheer me up after being poorly.

The next package had a zakka style pencil case in it and it felt a bit lumpy. On closer inspection I found a sweet little bee charm nestling inside. 

Now I do like things with Bee's on them...

And this is a very cute little bee, but wait what's this on the bee's bottom?

Look it has a flowery bottom! Hmm a bee with a flower power bottom.

Has anyone twigged who this package was from and the significance?  I confess I had to open and read the card. My Mum helpfully suggested it was a swap package. I say helpfully because this sent me into a momentary panic that I may have signed up for a swap and completely forgotten about it ie. not made the item and not joined in on flickr. In fact pretty much wiped the whole swap from my memory. Then I realised this was highly unlikely!

It actually was a gift from Sarah who blogs at Sew Me:

Sew Me

and is a fellow hipBee.  Hence the wonderful bee charm with a hippy bottom. The reason I recognised the wrapping was the charm and the lovely pins were from Poppys Pocket which I've bought from and told you about before. Poppys Pocket is the great little etsy shop run by Judith's daughter Shannon and you really need to go and check it out if you've not visited before.

So it was Chief's birthday and I think I got the best presents.  

hipBee surprises
Pretty cards, pin toppers, a bee charm and a lovely zakka style pencil case. 
Can you spot the co-ordinating Russian dolls on the fabric?

So thank you again Sarah for such a lovely surprise. Just the best kind of mail to get and much appreciated. The friendships being forged in the hipBee's are just fab, it was so kind of Sarah to think of us fellow hipBee's and include a little extra to cheer me up after being poorly. 


  1. Sarah Rocks!! Sorry to hear Chief's having such a tough time, can't be easy on any of you. Hugs xx

  2. Isn't Sarah a total sweetie? My Zakka pouch is pink and green - my fave! Although I have had to direct my Chookie to Poppy's Pocket herself coz she was makin' eyes at ma bee!

    My thoughts are with the Chief - the waiting game is horrid. Hugs for you, too. xox

  3. I have a soft spot for bees too! I am sorry that you are having a hard time - sending good wishes your way.

    Pomona x

  4. Loving your pressies, and as for the new tool, bwahahahaha, sucked in ;o)

  5. Sarah is one of the most thoughtful people I have the privilege of knowing. So glad you like the dollies and aren't the bees so cute! Glad you had a lovely day too with Chief! Jxo

  6. That bee and the dollies are gorgeous!! Hope ur feeling better soon ... Sarah is so kind and Shannon is great!

  7. Fabulous present and Sarah is one of the best! Love that bee!!!

  8. What a lovely present - the bee is fabulous! Take care xxx

  9. I love my bee and pencil case! feel v special to have one. Sarah is such a thoughtful lady to do all this! x

  10. Shazam! Sounds like a successful forray into surprise parcels. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. love the bee and I think the tripod will be appreciated more than a pair of socks!

  12. Isn't it a fab package! The bee is just so cute.

  13. What a gorgeous package! As a proud owner of a poppy's pocket charm, I know exactly how fab they are!

    Do let me know how you get on with the button tool thingy...and if you find cheap buttons to cover - they appear to be really expensive to me!


  14. You almost make me want to try a bee.


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