Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fabric through my letter box!

Last year I won a give away and ended up scoring some cute Japanese fabric charms. I used a few duplicates, but the rest have been put to one side for just the right project and are high up on the list for when I have a sewing machine that isn't Marty McTempermental. I really liked the idea of a table runner ala Lynz or maybe a charm quilt. But if I want to do both I really need some more Japanese fabric goodness. So when I heard about the Japanese Charm Swap I was signing up quicker than...a really quick thing.


For those of you that haven't taken part in a swap like this before. Each member buys a metre/yard of fabric and chops it up into 5" squares which they send off to the swap co-ordinator - in the case of this swap the lovely Sarah aka Ayatollah Hogamanay, who then sorts them into piles and sends them back. So each person gets a set of different charms.  It's a great way of getting a range of fabrics.  I think what is particularly fun with this swap is Japanese fabrics really lend themselves to a spot of fussy cutting and they tend to be more expensive than other quilting fabrics so it's a great way of getting a good Japanese assortment.

I chose this fabric from Celtic Fusion Fabrics - who kindly gave us swappers a discount to use for this swap. As always super fast delivery so despite ordering this on Sunday (it was a Bank Holiday on Monday) this plopped through my letter box today.

Lecien TP Collection Bears with Bandannas
Here are my 56 charms ready to go. 
I had a little panic with cutting but that's a whole other story 

Also popping through my letter box was a bit of pre holiday shopping at Sew Fresh Fabrics.

A spot of Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner and of course some Momo

A colleague is expecting in about two weeks. I'm kind of hoping (selfishly I know) bub will hang around until I can get a new machine as this Oh deer! would be fab for a baby quilt and I'm not risking that with Marty McTempermental.

Also arriving recently was this bag of scraps from Nichol.  She had a give away on her blog a while back for some scraps she couldn't bother to sort any further and I love other peoples scraps. I think it's a universal accepted thing, that other people's scraps are always more interesting. I'm going to have fun with these I'm sure!



  1. Wow, that fabric arrived quickly!!! Have you found a replacement for Marty McTempermental? Is he on notice?!

  2. Some fine deliveries there, I also have the Oh Deer CP, it has some super prints in it.

  3. Oh lovely mail! Now kick Marty McT out and get enjoying xxx

  4. fab mail!! love the oh deer and AMH and Tp etc and scraps are awesome aren't they?? x

  5. Oh I do love your Japanese choice. I shall be waiting for my charm of that. And all the other fabric goodness too. Got to love a good day with the postie.

  6. You did pick a beauty :-)

  7. mmmmmmm I agree, other people's scraps are always amazing x

  8. Yay for cool happy mail! I've still not chosen my fabric, maybe the Ayatollah herself will help me pick when she's here this weekend ;o)

  9. With in your Holiday Announcement Letter wish happy holiday season.

    Holiday Announcement Letter

  10. Fun fabric!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do when you get your new machine!


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