Monday, 27 August 2012

Interlude: The Holiday Part 1

Every time I sit down I'm either catching up with blog posts, answering emails, mooching about on flickr or sorting through hundreds of holiday snaps.  So I can share a few with you now and give you an idea of what I did on my holidays.

Everyday there was fun in the pool - and yes it was great weather all week so we could get out in the outdoor pool.

I need to point out one set of legs are my nieces the other my brothers. 
Just in case you thought his legs were mine and I really should have shaved....


For some reason I kept wearing my sunnies in the pool.  Never done that before. 

Poolside fun

Despite 4 course meals in the hotel every night I obviously remained as light as a feather.

We went to Poole on the bus and walked down to the Quay to get the Brownsea Island Ferry. We decided not to get off at Brownsea this year but stay on the ferry and do the Harbour Cruise. It takes about an hour. I always take a picture of the tree below but this was the first year the heather had looked so bright and purple.
The purple is heather

Brownsea Island Castle

Brownsea Island Castle is owned by the John Lewis Partnership and is run as a five star hotel, where staff can go for holiday's paying three star prices. Although I think there is a few years waiting list to get a room!  Brownsea Island is run by the National Trust so if you get off the ferry here, you have to pay NT entrance prices.  The castle is not open to the public, but the NT do have a shop and restaurant there.  There is also a wildlife reserve - in fact the whole island is teaming with wildlife and is home to lots of different species including: red squirrels, Japanese seeker deer and peacocks. 


I always forget which island out of the half or dozen or so Islands in Poole Harbour is used for oil.  In fact I think one of Europe's biggest on shore oil operations happens on this island and there is pipe under Poole Harbour that runs for some seven miles.  This island used to belong to BP but I think a French company has bought it now.  You can't really see much activity of the oil operation as they've planted trees everywhere to shield the ugly bits.

Note the footwear

My Mum and my niece and I have been coming here each summer since 2007! My niece is now 12 and she is nearly as tall as me and already her shoes fit me. Her mum is very pleased about, this as these Birkenstocks cost her Mum £50 (she paid extra for narrow fitting) and my niece has hardly worn them so it looks like they'll be mine imminently! My mum is even smaller and can fit into my nieces clothes. So my niece said she's passing them on to her when she grows out of them. If she does Mum may just end up being the only Octogenarian to wear Superdry and Hollister clothes... 


  1. Looks really brilliant - love the last pic of you too - very glamorous, just like I imagine you to be everyday ;)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time. And you are looking very chic in the last picture

  3. looks like a fun time had all round xx

  4. Lovely to see you so relaxed and happy. In all my time spent in B'mouth I've yet to make it to Brownsea! Jxo

  5. Ha, I loved the day I passed my mum in height and had hand-me-downs for her :oD Looks like a fun holiday anyway, I'm taking it the outdoor pool wasn't in Poole!

  6. Crystal clear pool water and beautiful purple heather. Looks like a great vacay so far.

  7. Think they need to work on the synchronised swimming for 2016!


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