Monday, 6 August 2012

Just to say...

...I'm having major Internet problems at home. In all the time I've had my router (just over a year) I've never once had to go reboot it. On last week I did and on Thursday when I did it made no difference so I had to call my ISP - BT.  They got confused and told me to press something, which wiped the settings (and er 2 seconds later said: hang on don't press that...Yeah too late!) They then helped me restore it by transferring me randomly to someone else on the BT network.  I guess at least they didn't cut me off and eventually they got the router reconfigured.  But my Internet has been so slow and half the pages don't load when it does work and it's intermittently cutting out.  So Saturday I phoned back as my broadband router light was red all day - until about tea time when it decided to go green.  The first level help desk escalated it to the second level and said they'd phone back on Sunday after they'd done tests.  They did and are now sending me a home hub to try. They mentioned something about interference and it could be my router - which since Saturday has a habit of going red when I'm not actively using the Internet and then going green (with varying levels of success as far as Internet connectivity goes.) when I am.

So that was the long version to say I'm way behind answering emails and a bit sporadic with my blog reading/flicker activity.

And because I've not been sewing and don't like blogging without a picture:


Does anyone recognise this flower? No idea what it is. My mum bought it on a trip to the North East - possibly from Alnwick, a couple of years ago. It appeared to die (I suspect it's grown from a corm/bulb) not long after we planted it.  Then this year we spotted some green growth and now a flower.  Would love to know more about it because there might be a better location for it in our garden.


  1. can't help you with the flower I am afraid...will check my books.
    Hope you get the internet/hub thingy sorted soon.

  2. I'm rubbish with flowers (looks like some kind of Iris perhaps?). Hope you get e-sorted and back to full power! Jxo

  3. No idea about the flower, sorry! I hope you get your internet connection sorted soon but please don't spend what little time you have on-line replying to this comment ;o) Hope you're feeling better x

  4. I can't help on the flower sorry, but it looks lovely and you must be doing something right!
    Good luck with sorting out the router, fingers crossed BT will keep behaving themselves.

  5. Blinking technology!
    If you find someone good at naming flowers, I'll be posting pics of the stuff in my garden!

  6. I am rubbish at flowers too, but have to say that it reminds me of a Lady Slipper which was a type of orchid that grew in Nova Scotia. So my only advice would be look up orchids and see if you can find anything similar. Good luck with the internet thing. We just changed providers and that took six weeks of BT farting about before they would let our new provider take over. Maybe they thought we would just forget about it?!!!

  7. Well it's a purple thing, of course!

    Good luck getting 'tinternet sorted...

  8. Love the flower, don't know what it is. Hope your internet trouble ends soon!

  9. oh the hours of my life wasted spent talking to internet people at BT, awful!! We ended up switching but hope they sort it out for you.
    No idea about the flower, sorry!


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