Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Missing Mojo

It was back to work today and so the holiday is well and truly over.  Unfortunately I think my sewing mojo has decided to stay on holiday a while longer.  I did wonder if part of the missing mojo thing was to do with wanting needing to get a new machine before I tackle half the things I want to.  Even Chief asked yesterday lunch time when we sat down to a Ploughmans Lunch (sharing the table with my old machine) what I was doing about getting a new machine.  (And in case you're wondering: I'm waiting until my holiday is paid for before I whack another big expense on the plastic.)

So last night I decided to go to the website where I was hoping to get my new machine from and just drool over it for a bit.  Only to find Shock Horror it's no longer listed! I can get the next machine up but that means adding a lot more money to the purchase! Cue lots of Internet searching and debating and probably weeks of agonising as I don't do impulse buys of this nature.

But then I decided that I really needed to get on with some sewing as the deadline in the Brit Quilt Swap Round 3 is imminent and whilst I'd done the quilt, I'd not done the label.

This is the front of the quilt


This is the back with the label - my finger was on hand to grab the leaf if it tried blowing away again!


Could your name be under the leaf? And don't ask how I managed to sew it on so wonky :-(

So now I need to go and get together an extra and wrap it all up and then I'll be good to go. I hope my partner likes it.  I've never worked up to a deadline like this before. Normally I'd be done and dusted ages before. However, being ill at the start of the month, then having a turn before going on holiday sort of ate into my time like I didn't believe possible and then the missing mojo hasn't helped.  Lets hope it decides it's had holiday enough soon!


  1. it's lovely, and I am very impressed that you managed to embroider "Charlotte" in such tiny letters ;-)

  2. Well,if you managed to get Charlottes name on there, mine should fit too :-) Love the quilt

  3. Ignore those first two comments. My name is shorter - a girl can wish. Di x

  4. You did a lovely job :-) Hope you find your mojo in the extras!!

  5. Love that wee quilt, but sorry to hear the sewing machine angst continues. Buy one before it disappears too!

  6. I can pretty much guarantee that sitting at your desk will soon bring the mojo back, and you will be stuck at work unable to do anything about it!!

    Still trying to work out if my name fits!

  7. I really love the quilt - just hoping that my name was under the leaf! Then I remembered the word 'swap' . . . !

    Pomona x

  8. It looks great, and hope the mojo reappears again soon!

  9. It's beautiful and it should be mine! Hope your mojo soon returns! Mine's been hiding in a corner somewhere too, maybe they're hanging out together ;)

  10. So sorry your wished for machine is gone.. What one are you looking at?
    Your swap quilt is gorgeous. I still love hexagons!

  11. your mini is beautiful! love everything about it! hope the old mojo returns soon! x

  12. It's fabulous! I hope your mojo returns soon...with a tan, a stick of rock and plenty of ideas!

  13. Love your little quilt.

    I've been reading quite a bit about quilters with missing mojo. Perhaps they are all off on holiday together. ... A Mojo summit or some such.

  14. If you managed to make this beauty without your mojo, then I think it will be back very soon.
    Its totally gorgeous.
    Arghhhh about the sewing machine no longer being on sale.
    What are you going for?


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