Friday, 31 August 2012

Summers End?

Summers End sounds like it should be a fabric collection. Really it's just what I pondered yesterday when a friend and I went over to Waterperry Gardens after I finished work. Some of the leaves on the trees were turning. The gardens were looking a little battered (probably due to the weeks of rain and gales) and there were some plants completely discombobulated by this years freaky weather: Magnolia out again and Wisteria?!

Anyway, the flowers and plants I did photograph look good enough to feature in a fabric collection. So whilst part of me is kind of sad that there is a cold nip in the air and dew on the ground come morning (meaning the frost season is close by now) I'm sharing with you the pictures that made me feel happy and inspired yesterday.

Yellows and purples featured heavily in many of the beds

Dahlias in every shade or red with velvet like petals. I just had to touch these flowers.

I loved the purple

I marvelled at the colour and sculptural qualities of these dahlias. 
I'm sure someone more talented than I could probably recreate these out of starched fabric petals?

Pendulous Pears.
Many places have seen fruit crops fail or struggle.
The pears seemed to be doing really well at Wateperry.

If you can't decide if you like the purple or the orange 
dahlias the best perhaps a combined one is for you?

Pumpkins and gourds surely signal summer is over and autumn is here?

Autumnal colours

Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff - camera didn't do the colour justice.
 But I do like the little bee flecked with nectar.

And as always I'm optimistically hoping that we have an Indian Summer so winter seems just a little shorter and further away.  Are you feeling inspired by the Autumn colours around at the moment or just plain depressed summer is over before it really got started?


  1. Oh no surely not Autumn yet but I guess we are soon into September!

    Love autumn as a rule but it seems we missed out on summer this year!

    Great flowers - my fruit have been a big fail this year - just a few apples!

  2. Gorgeous photos! We had a touch of frost this morning...

  3. What a lovely time or year. Your pictures are beautiful.

  4. well... I would buy that fabric collection! xx Beautiful, sad to see the season changing, BUT, gives hope for next year... its GOT to better ,... Hasnt it ? lol x

  5. Such beautiful pics J! I love the colours of autumn, just don't get enough time to enjoy them! Definitely feeling cooler now though! Jxo

  6. I love dahlias, although mine havn't done at all well this summer (like a lot of my plants) It got really chilly here last night, I was almost tempted to put the heating on, but wrapped myself up in a quilt instead

  7. The orange dahlia is stunning! Summer stops at our wedding anniversary at the end of the month, so I am in denial right now!

  8. The weather is doing my head in. But your photographs are beautiful.

  9. We've had frost the last two nights with the full moon. Potato plants froze, but there should be lots of potatoes in the ground by now. I'm still hoping that my tomatoes can survive for another couple of weeks so the fruit can get bigger. Absolutely stunning flowers! What a nice outing.

  10. Beautiful photos to remind us of summer. I can smell autumn in the air (sigh). I don't like the dark nights that are waiting for us. Di x

  11. Gorgeous photos! That orange dahlia is my favorite. I miss seeing those as they don't grow well here.... There were some in Stuttgart that grew the size of plates!

  12. I saw a leaf that had turned the other day. I steadfastly refused to acknowledge it ;o)


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