Thursday, 27 September 2012

2012: The Year of The Pouch

Here we are 9 months into the year and it feels like the year so far has been all about pouches. I've completed two swaps already focusing on pouches (Mouthy Stitches and The Framed Purse Swap) and I wouldn't rule out another swap before the end of the year if one came up!

Pouches made this year to date

Given pouches seem to be my go-to thing to do, it'll hardly surprise you that I made another kind of pouch today.  It was from Leila of Where the Orchids Grow great tutorial.  I did the version using half inch hexies.  It takes a while to piece these (I think it took me one film: 'The Man Who Knew Too Much" and an episode or 'Revenge') to actually do the hexie part.  Leila's pattern can be used if you just want to make a little flexi frame pouch without all the hand sewing. 


It's dinky but loving the Liberty!

I can also blog about another pouch I received as a present earlier in the year from Kaelin who blogs at The Plaid Scottie.  I couldn't go into details when I received this lovely surprise gift because Kaelin was sorting out the pattern. Now that's been done I can show it off to you properly.

I LOVE the KJR print Kaelin chose for my pouch.

It's a weekender jewellery pouch! I'm thinking this would make a fab Christmas gift for a friend or relative and a great stocking filler for those ladies you know that would like to keep their jewellery organised on a mini break.


And if you're thinking that jewellery or mini breaks aren't your thing (although maybe you wish they were - sigh.) how about using it for a little sewing organiser on the go? In fact wouldn't it make a lovely gift with a few bits and pieces of sewing kit for someone keen to get into sewing? 


If you want to find out more about the pouch read this post at The Plaid Scottie.  Or you can pop off and buy the pattern directly from Kaelins Etsy shop here or The Plaid Scottie Meylah Shop.

Yep, whether I'm whipping up a pouch myself or receiving a lovely one in a swap or as a gift 2012 is definitely The Year of The Pouch.


  1. So how many pouches have you made with the new toy then? :oD

  2. Oh those Liberty hexies are so adorable! Love them done in that dinky pouch! Jxo

  3. lovely pouches! I bought that pattern the other day to make my mum a Christmas present - it's perfect.

  4. I love how you measure time - I'm always saying to Zaki 'you have 5 minutes - that's like how long it takes to eat a banana or watch the Mister Men' lol....the hexie purse is lovely and the jewelry holder is a great idea.

  5. For you and me both!

    And I am still making them...

    I expect you will be making lots more with the new machine! They are all beautiful Jan.

  6. Hmm something went wrong with my first comment so you may well get this twice...
    Love, love love your flexi pouch it is so cute!!

  7. The year of the pouch? I'd best get started then!! How's the new machine?


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