Sunday, 23 September 2012

Another Weekend Bites the Dust

The weekends seem to fly by and as I had the day off on Friday mine has even been an extended one. But here I am on Sunday night wondering what happened to the weekend.

Saturday I decided that everything I'd moved from underneath the bench here:


Could go back underneath the bench. This areas is proving pretty good for cutting, but there just isn't the space or good enough light for me to want to sit here and sew. The benefit of keeping it for cutting only is that at least I'm managing to keep the area tidyish as I need constant access to my cutting mat.  Whilst I was doing this I decided to take a leaf out of Sarah's book and sort my scraps. I had already decided I'd relocate the contents of a plastic box so I could keep all my scraps in it.  Sarah had gone a step further and instead of just dumping all the scraps in the box she'd sorted them into plastic zippy bags by colour.  In the above picture my scraps are bursting out of the little wicker hamper basket.  Ones I've created from more recent cutting go straight into the fabric basket by the side of the cutting mat.  The real pain with the wicker basket is every time I want a certain colour or type of scrap I have to take everything out of the basket until I find it and putting it all back in is a chore.  I found once I'd started sorting scraps I kept finding a few more tucked here and there, so now my scrap box is well and truly full and I can't exactly get the lid on - but it fits under the bench with the other craft materials.  It'll make it far easier to use up my scraps and see what I've got when I do swaps. 

In the wicker basket I've decided to keep precious scraps: like some bits of Heather Ross), the scraps I've been collecting for a birdie themed quilt and also my entire Liberty fabric collection. Yes it really is that big!

I've actually added to my mini Liberty stash with these goodies from Very Berry Fabrics which just happened to arrive in yesterday's mail.  

Yum the 'compliment slip' was actually a recipe - what a great idea!

I've always been a big fan of Liberty. Have I told you that when I was a kid I was given a couple of carrier bags full of Liberty Tana lawn scraps and would use them to make collages and stuff?  I had no idea how precious they were. What I wouldn't give to now go back in time so I could go steal the bags off of my child self who clearly at 6 - 8 year old was not appreciating them as I would now!

I relented and put the heating on very low earlier and I decided to curl up on the sofa and make some of these.  

Liberty Hexies

I've got a couple of ideas about what I'll be doing with these, but I'm not 100% sure which idea to go with.  now I have to go though as I have a banana and walnut loaf to get out of the oven.  I hope you had a lovely weekend.


  1. Sometimes you have to try a space for a while to see what its most effective use for you is. Can't believe that sorting your scraps produced more for you!!

    Enjoy the hexies and hope you can decide what to do with them soon.

  2. Love those hexies, can't wait to see what you make :)

  3. Need some bird fabrics? I'm the person to ask, you know! Lovely wee hexies.

  4. Feels good to sort doesn't it?

  5. Sarah's tidy bug bit me too today. Di x

  6. Ooh I've changed my sewing space too. Hoping it leaves more room for a guest!

    You are way too tidy Jan! Love the wee Liberty hexies - a pincushion perhaps? Or maybe decoration on a tote bag? Hmmmm!?

  7. Banana and walnut loaf.. The heating on and doing some sewing.. I wish i was there.. Sounds so cosy and chilled x

  8. Yum! I love banana loaf! Well done on getting those scraps sorted. They do have a habit of multiplying! I think I have a wee bit of liberty something I can send you too! Must try and fish it out! Jxo

  9. Time flies when you're having fun... And drags when you're at work ;o) Always good fun to have a rummage through your scraps in the name of tidying!

  10. I have quite a collection of Ali's Liberty charms and know excatly waht I want to do with them but where oh where is the time? Lovely hexies and your sewing space is lovely...oh and very neat!

  11. I love having a good sort out...when I'm in the mood ;o)
    Love your hexies - are we allowed to know what they're for?!

  12. Love those little mini hexies, I have a few of those too, they are very addictive!


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