Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bee-n Good for Queen Jude

As soon as Jude who is our Queen Bee in the hipBee's this month showed a picture of the bee block she wanted us to make this month, I felt a inkling that my mojo was returning. I knew for sure when she also posted this months Bee Blessed block instructions too. Both embraced the scrappy and I think I may be at my happiest when I'm playing with scraps. I'd go as far as saying if I could only ever play with scraps and not buy larger cuts of fabrics I could be entirely happy. (I may add the proviso I'd rather all my scraps weren't of the fugly kind though.)

Judith sent us some lovely scraps to play with and create a wonky chevron block.  We each got a colour co-ordinated bundle of scraps (in my case aqua tones) and some strips of grey and white solid.  Jude also asked that we might like to add an appropriate scrap or two of our own fabric. I wonder if she'll spot below which fabrics were from my own scrap stash?


I loved making this block. I almost didn't want to stop and Jude almost ended up with a 3ft wonky chevron block!

Next I started on the Bee Blessed blocks which are like a crazy wonky log cabin patchwork. Details of how to do this block here.  I started off with green as I had a lot of green scraps to play with. I did get carried away with this block, as I forgot we'd got to sash the blocks in white - so my block was veering towards the full 12.5" without sashing.

Many of these green scraps came from the scrap bag I won when 
Nichol had a give away recently.

As I'd have to order some white fabric for the sashing I decided to crack on with a pink block. Again many of the scraps came from the scrap bag I won. Luckily when I was sorted through the scrap bag I found some white fabric offcuts that might just do for the sashing. (That's a job for another day.)

I think it's fun when the central bit is fussy cut.

So once I've sashed these two blocks and made a siggy for my hipBee block I'm ready to post back to Queen Jude.  

I didn't link up with Sew Fresh Sewing this month as I only made two things all month. Here I am on the first of a new month and I've already made more things. Looks like my mojo is back! hurrah!


  1. Love your blocks! I can't wait to get at mine. Your mojo has obviously just come back from a wee holiday and is raring to go.

    A quilt of 3ft wonky braids would look fantastic!

  2. Woohoo for creative mojo! These blocks are totally awesome J! I love them all, and I can see some lovely wee aqua touches of yours in the block. Thank you, & so glad you had fun with them! Jxo

  3. Love the scrappy blocks. You certainly were on a roll. J will love this type of post. Di x

  4. Great blocks. I am sat here loving all your aqua fabrics!

  5. What great blocks: wasn't the HipBee block addictive, I wanted to carry on with mine too!

  6. The queen done well out of that lot! Love the chevron, and glad the mojo came swanning back eventually


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