Monday, 24 September 2012

Count Down to 2013

Did you know that from 22 September there is only 100 days left in the year?  No I didn't twig either until I did my photo of the day for 22 September and then read this blog post over at Kelsey sews.  Now I didn't join the last quarter of the finish a long because I was hopeless at getting anything done the previous quarter. It was almost like putting stuff on a to-be-finished list jinxed me. Although really I think it had more to do with the fact if I hadn't finished certain things already there was a good reason for it. What I really needed was a to do list - a list of things I wanted to do and achieve and what better way to get focused than a work-a-long?

Kelsey Sews

In no particular order here's what I hope to be working on for the rest of the year.

1. Make the Tote bag for my partner in Mouthy Stitches
2. Make a pin cushion for my partner in Bee a Brit Stingy
3. Finish off the Book Shelf Cushion for LG
4. Make the purple cushion for SW.
5. Make a birthday gift for TB
6. Make the latest Noodlehead Tote bag.
7. Make a Framed purse for a special birthday gift
8. Momo It's a Hoot quilt for Mum for Christmas
9. EPP stuff for Blog Hop
10. Make my DS star for my month in HipBee's
11. Make November and December HipBee blocks
12. Make October, November and December Bee Blessed blocks.
13. Christmas table runner.
14. Sewing machine cover for new machine (Get the new machine!)
15. Top Secret something I can't reveal just yet.
16. Make a hexie flexi frame purse as per Leila's tutorial.
17. Key fob for Mouthy Stitches

Ok that'll do for now. More than enough to be going on with.

Today I was going to order a new sewing machine only I had a little accident this afternoon. I was chopping up veg for a casserole and I heard a crash and the coat rack that was fixed to the wall had fallen off under the weight of every coat we own and one of Chief's old dress uniforms.  All the coats have had to be relocated to various parts of the house until it's fixed and sadly that also means the chair at the dining room table I use when sewing on the machine and the path to my sewing machine.   At least I have an excuse to get on with my little hexies!


  1. Now that's what I call a list - good luck with it and how exciting to be geting a new sewing machine...eventually lol.

  2. haha! We have a lot of the same things to do!

  3. Big list!
    Rubbish excuse for not buying a machine! ;)

  4. Long list - you would get through it quicker with a new machine....have you decided which to buy?

  5. Get that machine ordered pronto or you'll never get through that list in 100 days! Look forward to seeing your projects appear on this space!

  6. See you people and your mad countdowns? Head firmly in sand here...

  7. Can't wait to see your hexie purse :) Thanks for joining in!


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