Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hit, Miss or Maybe?

For all of you that think getting a great new sewing machine will suddenly make you a super sewer take it from me...a lovely sewing machine does not automatically remove the numpty out of you!

I started off my sewing weekend with a Top Secret mini block.  Which I managed to mess up twice. I made the block but it was larger than instructions said, so I thought that's ok I'll trim it. But the more I trimmed the more obvious it became to me I was going to lose certain features of the design when it was joined to sashing or other blocks.  So I thought I'd messed up and cut more pieces. The second block came together much quicker. Again it was bigger so I started trimming...and again there was no way I could get it to the required size. At which point I thought it was best I phoned a friend.  And now know what the problem was so, I've cut the pieces out for block number three, but I couldn't face messing it up a third time so I moved onto another secret project.

As it'll probably get a bit boring with me telling you about what I can't show you. (A little birthday gift for a friend and a pin cushion for my swap partner in Bee a Brit Stingy) I'll show you the other stuff I worked on in between projects.


For some time now I've thought my fridge freezer is on its way out.  It had got very frosted up inside - far more quickly than it should have done, given the time since the last defrost.  Also there has been puddles of water in the fridge under the salad bins.  I'd been running down the contents of the freezer and decided last Sunday morning to defrost it.  I also dug out the manual.  I discovered three things: There is a setting on the outside of the fridge which allows you to fast freeze fresh food. This isn't a setting for all the time use, unless you live in a humid area. I don't know how it had got on the wrong setting or how long it had been like it.  Secondly, the dial in the fridge needs to be on setting 4 to maintain ideal temperatures on the freezer. Mine often gets knocked and tends to be on 1 or 2. (I don't know why I thought that would be colder than say 6, when the reverse is true.) Thirdly there is a drain half way up the back of the fridge. I'd taken the salad drawers out and looked for a drain previously, but hadn't thought to look further up.  Solving all these issues means I want to stock the freezer back with food.  So today when I had  Chilli for lunch I made extra with three portions to freeze.  I also braised a red cabbage and got 3 portions from that.  Not bad for a 47p red cabbage - I love a bit of frugality when there is so much fabric I'd like!

Next on the sewing front I moved on to my Mouthy Stitches tote. I managed to cut the back panel of the tote too small. I had a cunning fix. But seeing as measuring and cutting was proving a challenge today I still haven't cut up the Text fabric for the charm swap!

I then pulled some scraps to start work on some EPP.  


The final episode of Doctor Who? on TV and I got them basted and laid out to give my partner an idea of what I have planned. Now is the time to speak if you don't like the look of this. Because really I'd love to keep a bag like this.

Rainbow hexies anyone? 

I'm short on yellow so I'll use yellow I can find to fill in the top gaps and then the bottom gaps I'm thinking a bit of texty goodness.  Then I think a spot of perle will figure in as well. 

I'm hoping tomorrows sewing will involve less cutting drama, as I also managed to cut myself with scissors today too!


  1. Glad you don't need a new fridge freezer! Mine needs defrosting badly but I keep finding deals I have to buy - like the half price free range chicken today. Will never get the freezer emptied!

    Sewing that we can see looks good. I'd offer you some yellow but just posted out most of mine in my Brit bee packages.

  2. I am going to check out your freezer tips, but I may avoid your cutting technique!!
    The tote is looking good though x

  3. It is definitely a hit with me, I love it! Way to go with the frugal food too.

  4. Love what your doing with the tote and your freezer meals sound delish

  5. Household appliances have a way of going wrong all on their own! I love the idea of freezing portions and your rainbow scraps/hexies are sooo yummy! That is going to be a gorgeous tote! xo

  6. Oh dear, hope tomorrow gets better for you! Yay on the fridge/freezer front, mine is rather stuffed with leftovers right now, I need to schedule some in to my monthly menus lol

  7. Lol. I read blah, blah, blah quilty, sewing, blah, blah, blah DR. WHO. It is on as I write this.

  8. Oh man, step away from all sharp impliments! Love those amazing hexies! Jxo

  9. love the mouthy stitches progress! And red cabbage - mmmmmmmmmmm!

  10. Your tote is looking great and love your freezer tips.

  11. Good grief, you've had a time and a half with those secret blocks!! I love the hexies, hope your partner does too...or maybe I don't ;o)

  12. Love what you are doing with the tote.


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