Sunday, 9 September 2012

In the Blink of an Eye

It really has felt like the weekend has flown by in the blink of an eye.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day weather wise. It felt like we had the summer we'd been missing for months. A reminder Autumn is here could be seen over the back fence as I spent a fair while watching the swallows do their practice flights for the long journey they have ahead.   I could have stood watching them for hours. It reminded me of watching them on the wires in front of our house as a child.  I think they prefer the thin multiple wires, as since they replaced the wire at the front with a single, thick cable they don't sit there en masse any more.

Preparing for the journey ahead.

I couldn't stop and watch them for hours as I was due to meet a friend for lunch in Oxford and it seemed a good opportunity to do a spot of shopping for Autumn essentials. I find it easier to buy certain things before everyone else is out doing the same thing!

We lunched at The Red Lion.  As we sat in the garden we missed the funky interior until it was time to pay the bill. I couldn't resist snapping a picture in the ladies loo's because I loved the book spine doors.

Reading in the toilet?

Then after lunch we headed off to Oxford Playhouse to see a production of Murder on the Nile.  It was a good production and we were intrigued to see how they were going to do it given there was no Hercule Poirot in it! I was also slightly amused to see there was an actress in it with exactly the same name as my sister-in-law.  My sir name is not the most common, particularly as we spell it.

Then it was home and I was starving because whilst the food at The Red Lion had been lovely it was expensive and the salad we both opted for hadn't been particularly filling. So I said I'd take my Mum out for dinner at a local pub. Here thing went slightly down hill as having ordered drinks (and they gave us large without asking) I asked for the menu and they said they were not doing food tonight. I said: "I wouldn't have ordered drinks had I known!" The barmaid said she was sorry but it was a pretty lack lustre sorry and I was actually really grumpy. Without food I get this way and Mum hadn't eaten much all day and couldn't manage a glass of wine with no prospect of food imminently. So we drank what we could and had to leave the rest. Which didn't do my grumpiness any favours. As I returned the half drunk drinks the bar, to make a point to the barmaid, I suggested she might like to remove the blackboards outside saying; Fresh Food Daily. I noticed as we'd crossed the road she was outside reading the board, but doing nothing else to it. This is not the first time I've heard people go to this pub to be told that they are not doing food that night.

So we opted to go to Asda to get some food - there was nothing in the house and the other local pub isn't really Mum's sort of place.  Asda was empty. So I ditched my basket and suggested junk food at Oxford Services. Yes, I really was that hungry, I was that P***ed off too after paying for drinks we couldn't manage. So we headed off to Oxford Services for junk food. I think my Mum found it all a bit surreal as a service station is a place you stop on your way to somewhere, not where you go for food on a Saturday night!  It can't be all bad - they do have a Waitrose there!

Today I made up for it on the food front as we had lunch at Waterperry Gardens. Sat in the sunshine. Bliss!


It was only when I got home I remembered I'd seen post when I'd got home from Oxford yesterday, but I was so busy getting online checking in properly on Mouthy Stitches, before dashing out for food, that I hadn't opened it!

In one parcel was this book: 

Modern Blocks

Mum had been going to get me this for my birthday earlier in the year but when we put it in the Amazon basket it was coming up with such a long wait for it to be delivered she got me something else instead.  Also in the mail was these lovely purple fabric scraps from Fiona which will be great additions to the purples for when I do the purple cushion I told you about here.

Lovely Purples

I won't share the last bit of mail with you as it was my credit card bill. The one I put the holiday on. The one that is mahoosive compared to normal. The one I need to pay off before I go buy a sewing machine. But now I have the bill I see I'm one step closer to making a purchase. Any week now then!

I hope you had a great weekend and now if you'll excuse me I have a date with a mosaic for Mouthy Stitches. ::wink:: ::wink::


  1. I love your weekend story! I can imagine how you felt without food! I would be p***ed off when someone doesn't deliver what is promised. But then receiving such a nice book and this lovely fabrics was a good ending of the weekend, wasn't it?

  2. Fab loo doors! Shame about the evening meal saga, hope your Sunday lunch made up for the deflation of the night before.

    J bought me that book for my birthday - there are so many lovelies in it - have fun stitching some of them!

  3. You'll enjoy experimenting with some of the blocks in this book. Glad your w/e turned out better in the end. I thought it was only in Belfast you get awful customer service! Jxo

  4. I saw that book when I was with Di in the summer, some great blocks in there.
    Amazing loo doors, but as you said, it all went down hill from there!

  5. Very cool doors! Boo to pubs nor serving food. There's a great flickr group with lots of inspiration for that book.

  6. Those loo doors ROCK!
    Great weekend in the end - except for the damn credit card bill. My sympathies there xxxx

  7. Brilliant book that will give you endless ideas. Love the photos of the swallows. Di x

  8. Hey now, don't you go dissing my favourite services ;o) I do love the expensive pub's loo doors though

  9. I am still laughing, picturing you taking that photo in the ladies loo! I get seriously grumpy without food too. Good reason for never being thin.

  10. What a palaver!! I love the loo doors and your post (but not the bill) - have fun with those lovely scraps and that fabulous book!


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