Tuesday, 4 September 2012

London, Paris, New York, Tokyo...

...Are just a few of the cities featured in the fabulous travel inspired mini quilt I received in round 3 of Brit Quilt Swap from Karen aka Blueberry Park.

Look at this wonderful bundle of goodies I got from Karen?

I'm jumping ahead. I got home from work and in amongst my mail was a package.

Ooooh what's inside?

I hadn't recognised the return address on the envelope.  I had been trying to work out which quilts had been 'claimed' but as I couldn't I thought I'd best just open up the package. As you can see from my first picture - totally spoilt. 


The start of the show was the mini quilt.  I'd loved this one when I saw pictures of it appearing in the flickr group.  The colours have a lovely vintage/modern feel.  Sadly I've only visited one city on the quilt - so far. But Chief is taking me to Paris for my birthday. Yes, I know I've told you that before. And before anyone asks; yes, my birthday was in January. Life has really got in the way this year, what with fuel strikes (Chief spent weeks in a bunker organising the training of military to take over in the event of a strike.), my funny turns etc. This month Chief was supposed to have gone to Cyprus - returning some time next month.  However, last month his dad was taken seriously ill. He's had to take a lot of time off work to spend with his dad who is still in hospital after two serious operations in one week.  There is no prospect of going to Paris until things are more stable with his dad. Chief was removed from the Cyprus Exercise.  As things are so touch and go Chief wants to spend all the time he can with his dad.   I think I might suggest to Chief that we visit all the cities on this quilt. I might suggest it tomorrow, today I shocked him by saying I'd found us a house to move into in the village. It's a period semi and Only costs £1750000,00.  (I'd put a link in but it would kind of be like putting my own address out on the www.)

Anyway, back to my lovely goodies. 

I love this detailing on the back. With the quilting it's got a lovely retro vibe going on.


Isn't this pinnie great? I love the little tag on the side. 
If Chief decides we aren't going to Paris I may stick the pins straight into him ;-)

And...and if you thought wow great extra; wait until you see the zippy pouch. Lovely muted colour palette again. I reckon this would be perfect for using on a night out when Chief and I are away. It's too pretty not to show off.

It's lovely and roomy - perfect for a night out.

Even the lining is fun!

But that wasn't all. Inside the pouch was some of Karen's very own printed fabric. 

I'd loved those orange flowers when I saw them in the quilt so now 
I have some to play with myself.

You know that book on fabric books I bought? I'm thinking these might be very useful when I get started (which hopefully won't be long now I've bought some calico to use as page foundations).

Soooo didn't I do well? And yeah I did the happy dance. So thank you very much Karen.

 If you've not checked out the Blueberry Park Blog then you need to pop along now and have a nosey :-)

If you're looking for my low volume give away pop along here.


  1. Wow, you were totally spoiled, fab swap!

  2. you lucky lucky thing! Such gorgeous goodies!!

  3. Oh I am so glad this one went to you - it is gorgeous, and won't hurt if you throw it at The Chief in a moment of Paris-starved frustration!

  4. Yay! I knew you'd love your quilt from Karen :) I am one smug swap mama ;)

  5. Oh that is simply amazing. And love the pins in chief comment.

  6. Cool quilt! Love the idea of making it your travel destination goals - birthday pressies sorted for a few years yet! Hope Paris is sooner than you think.

  7. I love this quilt (I love the one I received too). What generous extras too.

  8. What an inspiring quilt for an aspiring traveller. Just work your way through the cities ticking them off as you go! Jxo

  9. That's really lovely! Off to check out her blog...

  10. Lovely quilt and when you hang it up Chief will know where to take you to after Paris. Tell him it is a list - the military love lists! Di x

  11. It's gorgeous! Forget sticking pins in Chief if Paris doesn't happen, break out the darning needles ;o)

  12. Wow, what an amazing package you received! I love the quilt Karen has made for you, it was one that caught my eye very early on

  13. Jan, that is a flipping awesome quilt, I totally understand why you did the happy dance! Good luck on getting to all those places (I'm excited to see if my washbag goes with you!) x

  14. What wonderful gifts and the mini quilt is super awesome! Wouldn't it be lovely to see all those wonderful places. I've only been to San Francisco. Looks like you get to go to NYC twice!

  15. Karen is a lovely lady as are you Jan! You are so lucky to have Karen's makes and I'm sure you will get to Paris....!


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