Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Oh Baby It's Finished!

So I had my baby quilt top made. I came home from work and basted it. If it hadn't have been raining I'd have spray basted in the garden. (It's never been that successful for me in the past though.) Instead I set about basting with a gazillion pins on the living room floor. Then I dug out the Brother, grabbed some Aurifil (The only reel I have and the only thread I thought I might have enough of.) and set about some scribbly/stipply quilting.  I was soon regretting that I didn't snag myself a pair of cheap gardening gloves to help move the quilt around.  Whilst I have plenty of gardening gloves in the shed, I'd prefer to use ones that are clean and not covered in mud!  I only crossed over my squiggles in a couple of places. My stitches are not even. Some are quite big and some are quite titchy, most are sort of medium sized though. However, I'm sure that the uninitiated quilter will see the over all beauty of all those yummy squiggles and not the technical imperfections. They really do finish off the quilt and this is definitely the kind of quilting I want to do more of.

Once I'd quilted it, I popped on the binding (note how I make it sound like I did it in about two seconds flat!) The reality is it's taken me most of the afternoon and evening to get this finished. But finished and in the wash it is.  Before that I took a couple of snaps. Again not great light; the priority is getting this quilt to the new born as soon as possible so these will probably be the best I'm going to get.

You can't really see the quilting here or the beauty of this quilt.

The back. I accidentally had ordered double the quantity of fabric 
when I did the Rainbow Charm Swap earlier in the year.  
I had just enough left to back this quilt!

The label.

I really don't like doing labels and I almost didn't do a label for this quilt.  I sort of think it spoils it and so I'm not ruling cutting it off!

The deets:

Front: Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey and Kona Bubblegum Pink.  Sashed in Klona Grey.
Back: Bliss by Bonnie and Camile for Moda
Binding: Kona Medium Grey - I think - (I had some left over binding from another project.)

Now I just have to hope it hasn't got destroyed in the wash  (I always have first wash paranoia with quilts) and that Mum and Dad like it for their precious new bundle.


  1. Great quilting Jan; I am sure they will love it xxx

  2. Nice quilt. I like the quilting and I know what you mean about stitch length as I always struggle with that one! It is a beautiful present. Di x

  3. Lovely job! It will be well received, I'm sure!

  4. Great job J! Fab quilting too! I'm sure it will be treasured! Jxo

  5. So lovely - your quilting looks great!

  6. This is a quilt that will be treasured! Everything about it is lovely.

  7. that is so lovely! Well done on the FMQ. If you don't want to keep the label you could embroider the info onto the binding - I do that quite often with baby quilts (because they are small a label looks a bit too obvious for my liking sometimes).

  8. I can see the beauty and your stippling looks great!

  9. It's beautiful! It will absolutely be loved. I can indeed see the quilting - you did a smashing job!

  10. I'm sure it will be loved. I like labels, so I vote that you leave it on.

  11. Its a fabulous quilt Jan, love it

  12. Don't know how anyone couldn't love that little quilt. Well done.

  13. Beautiful quilt! My plan was to get started on this exact pattern for my niece who is expecting very soon. Your photo inspires me and I can't wait to get started. Great job!

  14. It's beautiful and I'm sure parents and baby will love it!

  15. The only nice thing about being behind on reading is getting to see the finished product right away. Seriously love this!


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