Wednesday, 19 September 2012

That's the way the Fortune Cookie Purse Frame Crumbled

I didn't manage to get the baby quilt dried over night so hung it out on the line whilst I went off to work.  Even though it was cold in the office it was actually a great sunny day for drying outside.  It also meant I could get some better pictures than the ones you've seen so far. Scroll on by if you're bored with seeing this already!

Folded you can see the quilting detail a bit better and the lovely post wash crinkle.

I'm actually really chuffed with this quilt and so hope the parents love it as much too! 

Excited by making a whole quilt in less than 24 hours, I decided it was about time I made another framed purse. I had a Fortune Cookie Purse Kit from U-Handbag. At first look you might think it's a bit pricey. However, once you start adding up the cost of the frame, pattern, fabric and sundries, the kits at U-Handbag become a good value way of trying out some of the different purse shapes and you still have the pattern to make more once you've made the one in the kit.  

So I got cutting and stitching and had soon whipped up the pouch. Then I grabbed my glue and went to unwrap the frame from the kit.  All the frames I've had from U-Handbag come in a little plastic bag, part of which is trapped inside the frame.  I went to open the frame to remove the polythene bag and it wouldn't open. The catch didn't seem right...and then it broke off. 

Oppsy the catch has broken off of frame.

It had sheared straight off. I was just about to resign myself to an unfinished purse when I remembered that when I bought the kit I bought a back up frame too. Disaster averted!  Gluing was a whole different matter. If you've never made a framed purse before I really suggest you don't start off with this particular one. You need about a dozen pairs of hands and it's virtually impossible not to get glue all over the frame. In fact this is the trickiest frame I've had to glue. It's not very big to access all areas and the extra bulk created from the fleece in the pouch makes it tricky to manipulate the fabric.  Also the pattern doesn't use the turn through method so the raw edges are visible inside where the hinge meets.  And of course I hadn't trimmed back the fleece very well and a bit of it is showing one side. If I do this pattern again I'll still sew it together the same way until it gets to the final stage; when I'll sew most of the way round with right sides together, leaving a turning gap at the top, which I'll then top stitch shut.   I was sort of hoping I could use the kit purse as a Christmas present, but I'm not sure it's really up to scratch.

The fabric is by Jesse Jung and came in the kit. 
I love the puffy shape of this purse, just not the gluing of it!
The inside - sneakily I'm not showing you the ugly hinge parts.

I have mail to show with you, but I think that can keep for another post - when I may have even more to show you ;-)


  1. that's fab! (and the quilt it still gorgeous!)

  2. They both look great, although I know what you mean about glueing that purse, a total PITA!

  3. Good photo shoot! The shape of the bag is nice and I can't see your edges! Di x

  4. What a great little purse, although shame about the first frame!

  5. It's an adorable little purse. I really like the fabric. Having made a few purses I can attest to how challenging the glue part can be!

  6. Love that squishy post wash crinklyness. The quilt looks fab

  7. I think your purse looks lovely :-) The first purse I made was this shape, I found it an absolute pain in the arse to glue and so haven't made another since. But I have some rectangle frames and it sound like they would be easier! I might give them a go.
    Beautiful quilt, love the crinkles :-)

  8. 'tis mighty gorgeous looking even though it was such a pain.

    And your quilt is totally gorgeous.

  9. 24hours!! That is a result, it looks lovely.
    The purse looks really pretty but I won't rush to try it, still getting over my first purse effort.

  10. The quilt looks great, and I'm sure the purse will find good use. Make sure you let Lisa know about the faulty one x

  11. Oh dear! I'm sure you could send the frame back! Love the cute wee pouch you managed to make though! Jxo

  12. The quilt is even better crinkly.

    The little purse is awesome. I might try one...someday....

  13. wow look at your beautiful quilting on that baby quilt..... fab. The purse looks great too, can't see any glue at all from the pictures!! xx

  14. Ooh yes you must send the faulty one back! The quilt is lovely and crinkly and well done with the purse - I have yet to attaempt one!

  15. It looks fabulous from here! Definitely let Lisa know about the faulty frame...
    P.S. The baby quilt is gorgeous!

  16. I think it looks GREAT and double points for even trying something that seems so difficult (to me anyway). And the baby quilt turned out amazing - hope they love it!

  17. Am sure Lisa will change that frame for you! Great effort on the purse - I use the turn through method on all of them now! I think the smaller they are the harder to glue I'm afraid!

    Love the quilt and the reaction which I've read already - time travelling!


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