Friday, 14 September 2012

Where did the week go?!

I haven't blogged since Monday because the week seems to have gone by in a flash! Monday night was our first Parish Council meeting for a couple of months as we don't meet in August. (For those of you who don't know I am a parish councillor.) Tuesday was our second book club meeting. The book we were discussing was: The Spire by William Golding - more famous for writing Lord of the Flies.

Book Group Choice!

I only bought a second hand copy because it was quite expensive and I just knew before reading it that it wouldn't be a firm favourite.  In fact when I started it I thought I'd probably not finish it. The style of the book is a stream of consciousness that gives little concession to the reader. It was a relief that on the day I started the book, a neighbour popped round and said how heavy going she'd found the book. She used to be an English teacher and a friend of hers said it was an A Level set text and not your normal reading group matter. That said, I was glad I did finish it and there was plenty to talk about.  Whoever, chooses the book hosts the meet up. I'm hoping it's summer when I choose a book as I'm not sure I have enough seats or space to get the whole group in my tiny cottage living room. I'm kind of not thinking about that at the moment!

Monday my brother had told Mum he was delivery one of his old sofa's to replace mine one. Mine was fine it was just a bit saggy in the seat department and whilst I think I prefer the colour of my old sofa the new-to-me one will do until I can afford a better one.  Strangely enough a new sewing machine is higher up my list of priorities.  Although I am thinking I need to buy a new chair so that more than three people can sit down in our living room at any one time! Anyway, I was told I needed to spring clean before he arrived with it on Wednesday (his instruction) I didn't really have the time until after it had arrived on Wednesday, so that was Wednesday taken care of.

New to me.
New to me sofa

Yesterday, Chief came down.  He was back at camp (and therefore relatively nearer to me) to sort out an exercise handover. An exercise he'd have been on had he not had to stay in the UK because of his fathers continued poor health.  It was lovely to see him, especially as I have no idea when we'll be able to get together again.  

So here we are on Friday and I've not stitched a thing.  I did forget to show you the cards I made to send to the hipBee's with their fabrics for my month as Queen Bee.

Keep Calm and Make a Card?
Fabric Keep Calm...on the HipBee cards.

I was going to go and buy some cards, when I remembered that I have a whole box of card stock left over from the days when I used to make everyones birthday cards. I haven't really made cards for ages, as I thought maybe people were sick of getting my handiwork every single year. But that does mean I've got rather a lot of card making materials. My mission is to actually use up a lot of craft materials which I have to say look quite unsightly shoved in a corner of my living room in plastic boxes.  I'm going to find lots of inventive ways of using up my crafty stash and then maybe it'll be easier to store what I do keep.  

So that's where the week has gone. But hopefully I'll get some sewing done at the weekend. I certainly have plans!


  1. Hi Jan,
    Just wanted to say a massive big thankyou for the red scraps for my E.P.P. project. They are so much appreciated.
    I haven't got any sewing done this week either-work gets in the way sometimes.!!!
    Hope you have a good weekend and thanks again.

  2. Happy new (to you!) settee - I hope it's comfy! I love your quilting cards, you should make and sell them until you've reduced your card stash - that way you can raise funds for a new sewing machine and make room for more fabric ;o)

  3. The week has whizzed past hasn't it! I love the cards that you made and it is featured in one of the pics I took that I will put on a blog post over the weekend

  4. You have had a busy week. Your 'new' sofa will look lovely when you drape a quilt over the back. I have my card hanging up near my sewing machine. Di x

  5. Heh, love the cards! I also may or may not have a huge pile of paper related craft crap lurking around...

  6. I love my card!! The sofa will def look great with a quilt as di said!

  7. Great cards but I do hope the ironing is only sewing related not hubby's shirts and school uniform type ironing!


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