Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fighting the Grumps

I was in a good mood this morning until I got to work and there seemed to be grumpy people at every corner. You know that sort of short grumpiness when people aren't getting what they want or are too busy and turn that stress into snapping at anyone in their vicinity?  I could feel myself getting grumpy myself and then I thought: No, I don't have to be grumpy just because it's in the fashion to day. I choose to be happy.  (Which is no easy feat when I didn't even have the time to day dream about fabric.)

I'm also a tad frustrated grumpy with discovering at the weekend that the quarter inch foot for my new machine had arrived damaged. The company who supplied the sewing machine have seen photos and don't think it is damaged, but have agreed if I return it they will supply a new one. So that's what I'm going to do. Although given I've repeatedly asked for an invoice/receipt for the machine to be emailed to me, as they first promised, and a week later it's still not been received, I do wonder when I'll get to see a new, undamaged foot.  I really want to get on with some serious piecing without fear of wonky seams.

1/4" Foot
I'm not sure how that bent protruding bit of metal on the lip can look 
undamaged to the sewing machine company? 
I'm convinced if I tried to use it I'd snag fabric or get it caught in my machine!

I've manage to complete a quarter of the stuff on this list, but a few of the projects I have on my list to tackle next, would be much easier with that quarter inch foot. Instead I'm having to find new things sewing wise to keep me occupied.

I've cut my charms for the Addicted to Text Charm Swap.  I find it quite satisfying cutting up a metre/yard of fabric into charms. Far more fun that trying to cut just one charm out of a piece of fabric. 

366-276 2 October 2012
Doesn't it look lovely?

These will be going to post tomorrow.  I already have plans for my charms when they arrive, but I'm keeping that under wraps for now! 

I got one of my super secret makes to post today (with the help from my Mum) so I hope I can soon blog about that make.  I find it so hard keeping these creative secrets.  I just want to spill the beans. 

I've also been completely lured into making a Weekender Bag as per the lovely Lauli's. I'd seen this one on Elizabeth's blog a while back and she did make it look like the sort of bag I'd make and get a lot of use out of. But to be honest, when some as super talented as Elizabeth tells you the pattern isn't isn't half as bad as you've heard, I kind of think:  Ok, I want to hear that from someone who hasn't got a couple of books and a string of patterns under their belt. So I was really excited to see Laura's. Isn't it fab? And don't tell Elizabeth but I think I prefer this one to hers. I've been shopping for zips etc as it seemed a far easier prospect than finding out what airport Laura is flying from and mugging her for her bag before she boards the plane. (Not to mention really far more mean than I could ever be to Laura!)  

I am trying not to be grumpy about no trip to Paris. Chief and I talk about it on a regular basis, and he's optimistic it could happen before Christmas - realistically whilst his dad is in hospital I don't think Chief and I can be leaving the country. (It's been over 8 weeks now)  I think he knows this, but he had planned we'd go near as possible to my birthday...my last birthday - not the one coming up in January! C'est La Vie as they may well say in France.  But hey at least I will have a very stylish bag to take with me! Now that's fighting the grumps!


  1. well done for refusing to give in! I am very impressed!

  2. Oh I hope you get to Paris - I think you deserve a treat! Good luck with the foot and with the bag - off to look at Laura's!

  3. Lauli's bag is fabulous! Good on you for attempting it too :) Hope you make it to Paris sometime soon!!

  4. Good luck with the bag! Email me if you have any problems, I'm super excited to see yours!

  5. Good for you battling against all the grumpy people. I think I would have just joined in.

  6. Oh you don't want to be anywhere near my office then!!

    Love those charms - good luck with the foot xx

  7. I love your text fabric! I hope you get a new machine foot (and receipt!) soon so you can start tackling your 'to do' list! Oh and well done on fighting the grumps - were they any more cheerful today?

  8. Oh, I've seen a number of people complaining about that foot for that machine. Can't remember what the resolution was though, sorry!


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