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It's My Turn: The Travelling PicStitch Blog Hop

Hello! Today it's my turn on the:

 From 1st October - 30th November we are hopping all over the world EPP-ing in some fantastic locations.  Check out the full list here and be sure to check out the other participants.

This is my first blog hop (I think I'd just told Katy how my blog wasn't the sort of blog that got invited to stuff like Bloghops and then she invited me just to prove me wrong!)
This blog hop is right up my street because it involves photography and English Paper Piecing; two of my most favourite things to do.

I decided right from the start that whatever EPP I chose (and I had no idea) I'd be using Oxford as my place.  Oxford is my nearest city.  I've resided about 6 miles outside of Oxford all my life.  Even though I'd happily live or stay most places I'd always want to be able to come back to Oxford.  Whilst many locals slate the city for it's lack of independent shops and extortionate parking fees it is very popular with tourists. (Which some locals complain about too!) People come from all over the world to visit this city so it seemed wrong to not showcase it in this blog hop, in favour of another more exotic  colourful locations.  Like most cities the pictures you take tend to be quite neutral in colour palette.  I did colour palettes for a few pictures hoping (a tad optimistically) to get some great colours to work with, but they all came out quite similar.
The above picture is of Christchurch College, The interior was the inspiration for the Great Hall in Harry Potter. It's also got big connections with Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland.  The Cathedral is the other side of this building. 

This is the Radcliffe Camera.  I've never been inside here, but it's quite an iconic building.

This is Keble College from University Parks (Hence the flowers in the foreground.)

In the end though I decided to chose this picture:

Punts for hire by Head of the River 34_palette

This is at the edge of the River Thames in Oxford.  Although when it runs through Oxford it's known as The Isis.  Yes, that's where the Isis in my blog name comes from too.  So that decided it.  Punting is a popular activity on the rivers in Oxford.  Katy may also recognise this part of Oxford from her trips here to do with rowing.

Picking fabrics was hard. Really hard. Whilst I have quite a lot of low volume fabric, I'm normally all about the bright saturated shouty fabrics.  I really struggled to find a suitable green:


I ended up ditching the seeds (because I couldn't find enough) and also the linen. I'll probably use the linen to back my block though.

I went with the Spring Carnival/Ferris Wheel Block.


Despite taking a tonne of pictures I couldn't get one decent one!  I'm not sure what I'll end up doing with this. I think maybe I'll applique it onto some linen and turn it into a pouch.

It was interesting choosing fabrics by photo colour palettes. Something I've never done before. And a great idea for turning your holiday snaps inspiration into a fabric item.

You may want to get English Paper Piecing from your travel photographs as

on 30th November it's over to you to link up for a chance to win these fabulous prizes! Sponsored by Paperpieces.comFabricwormPink Castle Fabrics  Marmalade Fabrics, the Fat Quarter ShopWantItNeedItQuilt, and Aurifil.
Full details for competition entry can be found here.

Next on the blog hop will be Lucy so do remember to stop by her blog tomorrow and see her post.


  1. Oh I love Spring Carnival and this is going to be lovely in that delicate palette. Love seeing those photos of Oxford too. I am ashamed to say I have never been, but fell in love with it whilst reading Philip Pullman's books! Thanks for the isis name explanation also as I have often wondered...

  2. That looks fab, I love the colours that you chose, they look perfect with that picture. I've not been to Oxford in years but it was instantly recognisable :D

  3. Love the pictures and great block! It'll look fab on a pouch :)

  4. I always enjoy your photos as you take some lovely ones. The block in 'Oxford' colours looks fab. Di x

  5. Those are beautiful pictures and your block is lovely!

  6. Yea - how clever is that? Tres sophisticated! I love Oxford and your photos and block are lovely!

  7. Excellent - I love your Oxford Carnival xxx

  8. My mum has given me some old metal patchwork templates and so I might just have a go at this.

  9. Great photos of Oxford! I think doing this blog hop made me realize how many different greens there are! Pretty block!

  10. Love your piccies and the spring carnival looks great

  11. I love you photos. I've never visited Oxford and would love to! That blocks will make a nice pouch or tote bag :) We are in Monument Valley tonight and off to Sedona tomorrow...

  12. Yay, see, I knew you'd have a range of photo options :o) It looks great whatever you decide to do with it!

  13. I think you did really well in matching the palette to your fabrics, such a pretty little block

  14. I love your pictures, I never been to Oxford, but your pictures make me want to visit. Your block is beautiful it will look great on a pouch.

  15. I knew you would have lovely photos. Liking the block and your new muted palette. Could this be a new trend for you? ;-)

  16. I'm with you: I tend to lean toward more bright, saturated color palettes as well. But this interpretation is just lovely!

  17. I found the same problem, that most of the photos are quite neutral. But I really enjoyed seeing your photos of Oxford, and your finished block is really pretty.

  18. That is very cool. I love your palette and piece you made!


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