Thursday, 25 October 2012

News From the Hovel

This week has been too busy for sewing so far.  I'd love to tell you why it's been so full, but I've forgotten some of it already. I won't mention again where I was on Monday for fear of upsetting Helen.  I do remember Tuesday was Book Group. A chance to get together with a lovely bunch of ladies and discuss the book of the month and find out what book we'd be reading next month. After going to another stunning house in the village (Another old farm house with a living room the size of, oh  I dunno, my cottage's ground floor!) I've come to the conclusion I not only live in the smallest house in the village, but in a hovel compared to most others.

Then today after work I headed off to an area of verge by the village green where we (we being the Parish Council) had decided to plant some daffodil bulbs.  The Clerk had put out pleas for councillors to help with the planting.  For various reasons I was the only one that made it. Luckily between the Clerk, her husband and I, we were soon able to get the sack of bulbs planted.  I certainly have a varied range of duties as a Parish Councillor, but it feels so lovely to be able to give something back to the village where my mother's family have resided for generations. As the bulb planting went quicker than expected I came home and planted some bulbs I'd bought for my own garden. Every year we get a few and some years we manage to plant them! (Not let them go manky in the bag, to be discovered in the spring.)


Before I went off to plant bulbs I did have chance to open my mail.  Two items of interest to share with you.

First up in Bee a Brit Stingy we decided to have a mini swap. The Bee doesn't start until January and having a little swap was a great way of keeping up interest and getting to know each other. There were no sneaky peeks as we made for the person who's month was after ours in the Bee, so knew who was making for us.  I deliberately didn't look who was making for me so it was a double surprise. Today this lovely beauty arrived from Emily:



It matches the machine cover I made a treat. Which is quite serendipitous as Emily actually made this before I made the machine cover. I can of course put the pinnie by the machine and make out like it was all planned like this all along ::wink:: ::wink::

This next piece of mail was the one I mentioned I was waiting for last time.  As I was woefully short on thread and hadn't had the best of experiences with the one spool of 50wt Aurifil  I bought (It shredded really badly for hand piecing - although the same spool was fine for machine quilting Mum's quilt.) I decided to try out this brand that Alison recommended.  I got 4 Spools of 50wt cotton and some spun polyester.  I haven't had chance to use any yet but I will report back.


Each one of these spools cost £3.80 for 1000m so it's cheaper than Aurifil. However, the postage on this lot was extortionate - in my opinion anyway. (There was a reason I was invited to Bee a Brit Stingy!)  It cost a whopping £5.00.  Given it was then sent second class and didn't weigh very much, and the order was received today (25th) when I placed the order on the 18th, it's not the sort of service I expect for £5.00. I think the postage was excessive compared to other UK sewing companies.  


  1. I was up by Empress Mills last week on my travels. Looking forward to how well the thread behaves itself compared to the others.

  2. Great pincushion - interesting comments on the thread.

  3. Tell me what you think of the thread. I've only tried some hand sewing with mine so far.

  4. Very expensive, I ordered a pack of wadding yesterday afternoon from Pauline's Patchwork , I think, and for £2.70 it was here when I got home!

  5. Cute pinny.
    I love Aurefil, I'll be interested to hear how you like the new stuff you found. Postage is hideous sometimes.

  6. Gorgeous pinnie from Em. Hope you have more success with your thread. jxo

  7. That's super expensive postage! Not sure I would have paid it, TBH, I'm stingy like that myself!

    Loving the pinny and don't you love the warm glowies that you get from some volunteering? Good for you, twin!

  8. I always love your honest reviews Jan! I love the Oxfordshire village tales of gardening and book clubs and Emily's pinnie is lovely!

  9. you're right that is expensive for 2nd class! I do like your new pinnie

  10. That's really expensive postage! I've only tried the thread for EPP so far so will have to try it in my machine at some point - I hope it's behaving for you!


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