Sunday, 28 October 2012

No Sew Weekend

A no sew weekend has followed a no sew week!  Like most people I find I either have lots of social things on or none at all. This last week has been full of stuff that's kept me away from the sewing machine.  Friday was our village trivia quiz and guess who was on the winning team? Yep, our team the Secret 7. (There was 7 of us too not the 8 we could have had on the team!)

Yep that's me back home with the trophy! Which I get to hold for 6 months until the spring trivia quiz.  Going into the last round we were a point behind another team.  As everyone has to call their scores out and they went before us we knew we'd won the moment they shouted out 27 as we had 30!  We also got little bottles of wine.

The Secret 7 do it again 

Yesterday I was off to a book-crossing meet up. Despite taking a camera and it being on the table for a lot of the meet up I didn't take a single picture. Shame really as there were some new-to-me book-crossers.   I came home with some books. A couple won in the book swap game and a few recommendations. The one on the top of the pile was written by my A Level English teacher and is inspired by the Old House at my old school so I've wanted to read this for ages.

Books picked up today. 

Today I've been trying to get rid of stuff.  We have more stuff than our little house can hold and it doesn't help we have no loft or even a large cupboard to hide stuff in.  I found my old school books in a box under my Mum's bed. I set about ripping most of them up for recycling, which is collected tomorrow.  I did keep back a few from my infant days.  I kind of wonder what went through the head of my infant self as I read my 'News Book'.

In my 'R.I' book we'd obviously had to write about our self.

My hair was never long enough for a plait at 6 so there was a bit of artistic licence.


It seems books were quite a priority even aged 6!


  1. Oh brilliant! We are going to have to rent a warehouse if I keep saving our kids' stuff at the rate I am already!

  2. When I qualified as a teacher my Mum handed me every History book I ever used - some *interesting* stuff in there!
    Well done on the quiz win - and I love your scarf - Orla Kiely?

  3. I loved Anita Shreve's 'Sea glass' - although some of her others are a bit weird. And anything Phillipa Gregory is always great! Well done on your quiz

  4. Congrats on being trivia champs ! Sea Glass was a great read!

  5. Adorable - the photo of you and your trophy and your writing as a 6 year old :-)

  6. Congrats! That's cool.
    The books look interesting. I used to read a lot of Ms. Gregory...
    I only have a few of my childhood mementos....


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