Thursday, 4 October 2012

Over Sized Tea Cosy?

Mum saw my sewing machine cover and asked if it was an over sized tea cosy. The cheek of it. Although I can see her point. It's not my finest hour. For three reasons. 1) I was bored with it already. 2) Because I was bored I should have had a definitive pattern and if there wasn't a ready made one I should have made my own not winged it. 3) In an attempt to shop my stash I didn't use the best materials.

Of course taking a picture wasn't easy as I couldn't stand far enough back to get the camera to focus properly. Basically I was too lazy to change the battery in my point and shoot and use that or put another lens on my camera. Yeah, there has been a lot of taking the easy option around here today. To be fair the picture makes it look more rubbish than it actually is.

Almost Finished
I was even too lazy to clear the table of junk. 
The binding also is still to be sewn down

I was in an quandary when it came to the batting in this.  In hindsight I should have used some cotton batting, the same as I use in quilts. But I'm thinking I may need all my left overs for the weekender bag I want to make and I didn't want to cut into a pre-pack quilt sized batting.  Then I remembered I had some polyester batting I'd bought online many years ago before I knew any better. It's incredibly light and fluffy and probably too light for this project. I deliberately didn't want it to be too stiff though because I'd like to be able to rest this over the machine when I'm using the table attachment - for that reason I thought I'd add a little 'ease' into the cover and keep the batting light.  I also wasn't going to line it because I didn't think I had anything suitable. But the batting was far too light and fluffy. I had a rummage in the bottom drawer of my stash drawers and found a bit of left over sheeting from when I made myself a duvet cover.  

You can't really see in the picture,  but I tried out some of the fancy stitches and opted for the a cross stitch design.  Burgundy thread wasn't ideal; the pink I thought I had, turned out to have already been used. I think I seriously need to go thread shopping!

I just need to hand sew the binding around the bottom and it's done.  I still intend making a co-ordinating mat out of the left over charms, linen and the free FQ. 

As I've heard today one of my secret projects has been received and is liked, I can hopefully blog about it tomorrow!


  1. When you wrote this you must have been tired.
    The colours are restful and charming. The design incorporates a repeated geometric element in the squares and the stitching. You have practised sound financial skills in using resources from your stash. While making this cover you were able to trial features of your new machine and give it a hug to say thank-you for rescuing you from the old machine. So Mama thought it resembled a tea cosy? So she intends making you a cuppa every time she seas it? It was simply an unfortunate comment that should not have been uttered.

  2. That's a very sweet comment Louise. I can't reply to you personally as you're set as a no reply blogger.

  3. Its a machine cosy, so that really wasnt that bad a remark ;-) Now to address other points. I didnt use the best materials? Looks to me like its made of Kona/klona ash and sew stitchy. Beeeautiful. The binding you've chosen fits so nicely, and using stash for the lining is sensible.
    As for the poly wadding, its ideal for the purpose, honestly. Mininal quilting and it will be soft and light as a feather, and still easy to drop over the machine. If you had wanted something firmer, it would simply require more machine quilting. Admittedly once machine quilted 4" apart or so, its not got much drape, but this is a machine cover, you dont really need drape for that!
    Lovely. Enjoy it, just the way it is. (just finish the binding!)

  4. I think it looks great, and knowing what the Sew Stitchy looks like in real life, I can tell it will be way better than the pic too.

    It will keep the dust off and look pretty and who cares about the batting - I thought I used up the last of my poly for Dumbledore's beard, but keep finding bits!

  5. Turned out brilliantly! Well done for sticking with it. Jxo

  6. wow you're really not having a very good day are you?! I think it looks great Jan, it's only a sewing machine cover, who cares if you winged it, stop being so hard on yourself! You did make me laugh here though :)

  7. Lol, well machine cosy/tea cosy all the same really ;o) I wouldn't worry about the batting either, no-one's going to look ;o)

  8. Looks great from here. If you really don't like it you can always call it a tea cozy....or turn it upside down and use it for a basket.

  9. It doesn't look that bad...... makes me think I should have a go at making one for mine x

  10. I think you're underestimating the cuteness! Have another look at it today when the sun is out and you're feeling better. It will look as great to you as it does to us.

  11. I think your new machine looks very snug and cozy and yes, it's cute!

  12. I utterly agree with what Sarah said!!!!!! I love it! great stitching too x

  13. Well, it looks amazing to me! I love the colours and if you hadn't pointed out that the binding wasn't sewn down, I wouldn't have noticed!


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