Thursday, 11 October 2012

Return of the

Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting to attend at a local University in my capacity as a Parish Councillor.  I car shared with another Parish Councillor who happens to be the daughter of the lady I told you about here. So while us Parish Councillors went off to our meeting my Mum stayed with the family friend.  She was still looking remarkably well and in fine spirits, although a little disappointed I hadn't stopped for a natter as well. Mum said she thought her memory seemed even better than last time and they had a lovely chat.  However, her daughter told me the family thought that she'd 'peaked health wise'. The prognosis is not good. It is terminal and even though the one chemo treatment she managed a few months ago may have stunted the growth of the tumours, once they do start growing again it's likely to be quick and aggressive.  If this wasn't the kick up the bum I needed to get my mojo back from it's holiday, I don't know what was.

So today I made the purple cushion.

366-285 11 October 2012

I went for a wonky log cabin.  It could have done with being wonkier, but I was doing Quilt-As-You-Go and I'm not sure that helps with the wonk as you can't really carve bits off to get the cushions wonk on.  I was fortunate enough that Fiona sent me some purple scraps she had, as my own stash is not purple heavy. I wear a lot of purple I just don't sew with it.

I did a simple envelope closure at the back. I hadn't got any purple thread and knew  if I had a purple zip it would not be a suitable length.  I did find this purple solid which feels more like Klona than Kona. I don't recall buying it. It's possible it's actually a Bella solid I bought thinking it would be a great bag lining. I used a double layer to make it more substantial.


It will probably be a couple of weeks before we can visit again properly, but I may try and call in with it next week.  


  1. It's lovely - the purples work so well together - I hope she likes it x

  2. It's a lovely think to do. I make all my cushions with an envelope back too.

    Pomona x

  3. It's really lovely, and has so many interesting and quirky fabrics, she will love it x

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your friend...your purple cushion is a lovely gift.

  5. What a lovely idea I'm sure it will be appreciated.
    I'm low on purples too, trying to bust my scraps with the Ellison Lane QAL but only enough purple to make 2 blocks! Must buy more purple!

  6. gorgeous pillow! Can you send some mojo my way?

  7. The pillow is lovely and a great gift for your friend.

  8. It's gorgeous. It will mean so much to her.


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