Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sew where's my Mojo this time?

So I started the weekender bag and then my mojo just vanished. It was out of here before I even realised. Actually I think it's been a combination of over excitement at booking my retreat ticket, extreme tiredness due to crazy busy times at work and stuff like parish council meetings taking up all my time. (Last nights seem to run on for a whole hour longer than normal and we didn't even have a big agenda.)

I may not have been sewing but I have been plotting.  I'm getting back lots of lovely stars from the fabulous hipBee ladies (although I haven't actually done my blocks yet) and I'm mentally planning exactly how I'm going to assemble them and quilt it. I've also decided on the key fob design for Mouthy Stitches. I have another super secret thing to get finished since I got my replacement walking foot. Can't fault GUR for their prompt after care service. They left a message on my mobile to say they'd received the damaged foot and would be posting out a replacement and it was back with me after a few days.

I had actually considered getting my machine from another online company, until the machine I'd been looking at went out of stock. I was rechecking stock one day and accidentally came across a forum really slating the company. Now I know on the Internet you can always find people ready to give negative reviews, but on this particular forum there was a long LONG list of dissatisfied customers, with some truly amazing horror stories.  So imagine my amusement today, when I was having a conversation with an IT specialist about people lying and he said had I seen last week's Watchdog because they'd featured a sewing machine company with a director that pretended to be different employes and took bad customer service to a whole new level. I knew before he told me exactly what company it would be. You can still catch Watchdog on iplayer here.  I think the first segment is around 13 minutes in.  I'm now very glad the machine went out of stock before I purchased it from here, as after care was a big factor for me in choosing a company.

Oh and because I don't like blogging without a picture here's one of many cobwebs I photographed in the garden on Sunday morning.  It was foggy and the air was damp with moisture so even as it started to clear every cobweb in the garden was highlighted in water. My garden looked like something out of Hammer House of Horror with webs everywhere.

Halloween Ready

It's a good job Chief was not around as he hates spiders since he was hospitalised after a bite by one in this country.  He's always complaining that my house has cobwebs in it because that means there is spiders. Looking at the above web just makes me wish I could crochet!

IMPORTANT: Quite a few comments are coming through as no-reply bloggers so if I'm not answering you it's because I'm unable too. So please check your settings and rest assured I am reading the comments. 


  1. Well, I hope I haven't gone all no reply again. Glad you ended up with the right company. And that you will be sewing happily again. Yay!

  2. I'm hoping you didn't post your mojo back with the damaged foot!?

    Do something just for fun Jan and it will come back! Lucky escape on the purchase I'd say!

  3. So glad you got your new foot, I meant to say, we have the same machine now and my foot definitely doesn't look like your damaged one but I was too slow!! Have fun, I have hardly tried anything in the machine yet other than straight stitch as I've been too busy!

  4. I think a spider must have run off with your mojo.

  5. Well it sounds like your mojo is still about - it just doesn't fancy tackling that bag at the moment and frankly, can you blame it??

  6. I saw that Watchdog - what an arse that man was! And guess where I bought my machine? That's right!!! :-/

  7. It's probably absconded with mine... I'm totally knackered with things disturbing my sleep and having got everything finished last night I took a notion this morning that I needed a sleep mask. As in can't travel without one. So now I know what I'll be doing after work, but at least it's a quick project. I'm just sewing mechanically right now, not a lot of joy in it, I'm hoping it comes back to me tomorrow somewhere over the Atlantic!!!

  8. twill return I am sure! fab cobweb photo! also glad you went with the good sewing machine supplier there are some right shysters out there.

    Read your prev post about FQ retreat and I am now throwing a mini strop as can't go! :))

  9. I did think of you when I saw Watchdog last week!!

  10. Sometimes things all get too overwhelming don't they!
    My garden is over-run with webs at the moment

  11. I read this last night but went off to watch the Watchdog clip - beggars belief doesn't it!!
    Sounds like you made the right choice.

  12. I know what u mean about missing mojo!! It's really strange but does eventually return.. I think it must b ur brain telling u to have a wee rest! X

  13. Mojo comes and goes for me...

    Close call with the sewing machine company!

    Love spiderwebs. HATE spiders


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