Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ta - Dah!

Three afternoons/evenings of solid sewing and Mum's quilt got made. So today I braved the wind (Weather not me you understand!) in order to take a few snaps in the garden. Not easy when alone as this is the second largest quilt I've ever completed and it's too big for the fence and having just washed it I only laid it on the wet grass very gingerly (after I'd first checked for cat sh**, as the neighbourhood cats seem to think our lawn is a giant litter tray.)  So this is not the most glamorous photo shoot. I'd love to be one of the cool quilters that gets shots of their quilts in amazing locations like oh I don't know hanging off the North Pole or draped over an ever so cool aged post and rail fence with some great wilderness behind. But alas, it's my garden...again.

The big wrinkles are more to do with the grass it's laying on and the wind.


The back doesn't show so clearly.  The grey side bits are Kona Ash. The rest of the fabric is from It's a Hoot  by Momo range. (Including that last minute bottom added in strip.)

Again it's not wonky it's just the wind and surface it's laid on.  Ok some of the quilting is a tad wonky. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I think Mum is going to love the bright candy colours



The deets for those who'd like them:

  • I used a charm pack and layer cake of It's a Hoot by Momo and referenced this lovely pattern. 
  • The backing uses a yard of the feature print from It's A Hoot as well as other random pieces from the same range and a yard of Kona Ash.
  • The binding is cut from more It's a Hoot and pieced to give a scrappy binding.
  • The Wadding is Warm and White (About a zillion pieces joined together.)
  • The finished size is 70" x 53"
I have the day off of work today and was intending to go into Oxford, but on my way to the bus stop I realised how tired I felt and how much housework I have to do before Chief arrives later tonight. So I detoured to the supermarket and have spent the morning doing housework. It's the boring option but clearly the sensible one as I've got so much left to do and it really does need doing!


  1. garden looks good... quilt not bad either!!... no realy it looks wonderful xx

  2. It looks fabulous and such pretty colours!

  3. Fabulous! I'm sure your Mum will love it :)

  4. Very pretty and bright, I am sure it will be well received. I have used Heat press tape to join batting which is excellent

  5. It's wonderful!!! How was quilting with your new machine? (It looks as though it went very well!) Did you get the quarter inch foot replaced?

  6. it's beautiful and you did a much better job than I could photographing it. I too long to be hanging my quilts artistically from the north face of the Eiger (not really)

  7. Wonderful! I love the bright & cheerful colours! R x

  8. The quilt is awesome. Well done you. Hope you have a wonderful time with the chief.

  9. Oh it's just totally gorgeous isn't it - even with a bad case of wind. Your mum will just love it.

  10. This quilt turned out great! Your mum is going to be so chuffed. Enjoy your few days with your man!

  11. This quilt turned out great! Your mum is going to be so chuffed. Enjoy your few days with your man!

  12. Oh I love it and the backing is just as wonderful as the top! Your mum will love it.
    Relax now and enjoy your time with Chief x

  13. Lovely, well done you for getting it done so quick! Enjoy your visitor ;-)

  14. Mmm, sounds like my day off on Tuesday!
    Your quilt is awesome and your mums going to love it. Well done, especially after all the headaches it gave you!

  15. You've done a wonderful job. The back is as lovely as the front! Mum will love it!

  16. Stunning quilt J! I think it would look lovely photographed casually draped over your garden bench! But you have such a lovely garden to show off your quilts, you don't need any props from the north pole! Hope the wind eases!!!!! Jxo

  17. Absolutely fab missus, she'll love it!

  18. Gorgeous quilt! I love the design!! so bright and colourful. I just noticed your going to ftquarterretreat, I've just bought a ticket and slowly going round the blogs saying hi! so I'll see you there ;)
    Jessie, xo

  19. That turned out fantastic!
    And your garden is a gorgeous spot!

  20. This is so beautiful! I have wanted to make a plus quilt for forever. I love yours!


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