Monday, 15 October 2012

Under Pressure

If I'm a little bit quiet around here over the next week it maybe because I am under a little bit of pressure.

First there is this:

Excuse the edge of the bin and the laundry basket in shot. 
I was in too much a hurry to change the camera lens to one that would get a better shot.

I came straight in from work made a cuppa, cut up a layer cake I'd got a while back in a destash and grabbed the charm pack I'd got and started laying out a plus quilt. It is for my Mum. Her Christmas present. This was the fabric she got all excited about when she saw a few quarter yard cuts I'd picked up in a sale.  It's unusual for her to get all fabric excited so when she did, I just knew I had to get some more and make her a quilt. This week she's on holiday in Norfolk. It gives me a few days to get a quilt made without her seeing it and asking awkward questions about what I'm making and for who. So if you happen to see her don't tell what I'm at. Mum is most definitely the word...


The rows are sewn together and just need joining to each other.  Hopefully I'll have the top and the back pieced ready for basting tomorrow.  

If I just had the quilt to do I wouldn't be feeling under pressure. But add to that I have this to read before the next book group meeting...early next week!


I've read two chapters so far!

Then add to that the 21st of this month is my turn in the Travelling Pic Stitch Blog hop and I've done nothing more than look at a few pictures and wonder why there isn't more colour for me to play with in the pictures I want to use.

Oh and did I mention I have Thursday and Friday off of work so will get no stitching or reading done as Chief is coming down and I'll have other stuff to do either getting ready for him to arrive or spending time with him. Can  you hear the edge of panic creeping into my voice?

So this week I may be quiet and the sound track to my week will definitely be under pressure.


  1. Well if you can keep up the momentum, you will be fine!! If you comment again on my blog this week I will shout at you to get back to your sewing!! xxx

  2. Looking good. You can do it! And I loved that book!!!

  3. Don't panic, take a deep breath and then get in the zone! Good luck

  4. Don't panic Captain Mainwaring! You'll be fine, and just think of the sense of achievement when you get it done!

  5. You can do it! Just remember to breathe every now and again...and eat!!

  6. We're both making mummy quilts! I love the plus block and you're quilt is going to be for book club, just ask Susan for a brief synopsis!

  7. You can do it! The plus quilt looks great - one of the other things on my "must do sometime" quilt list.

  8. ooooo feeling the pressure! You can do it, I agree with Annabella, pretend you read the book if you run out of time!!!!!! hee hee x

  9. Love what you are making for your mum! Have fun with chief this w/e and stop worrying about all the other stuff! Jxo

  10. your mum's gift looks fantastic! I can hear the panic but you will get it all done!! x


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