Saturday, 20 October 2012

What's been going on round here

I'll start with the bad. That way we can forget all about it and get on to the lovely stuff. Chief made it down Thursday night. (No that's not bad.) What was bad was he just phoned me to say he was on his way and I heard a really loud bang, like the phone had hit something. He said it wasn't the phone it was the car only he wasn't sure what. I urged him to pull over and check but he wouldn't. His thinking was if there was a problem with the car he'd have to turn back. But if he didn't know there was a problem he could continue.(To break down in the middle of nowhere?)  A while later I get another call. He was pulled over at the side of the road near a cafe with a tyre that was hanging off the wheel. His spare is one of those baby ones designed to get you to the repair shop not long distances to your other half. I think I was so shocked I was stunned into silence.  (Which is a rare event.) He said he had no option but to put on the spare then go back to camp and see if someone could lend him a wheel. Gutted doesn't come near it.

Phone call three was a lot more excited. He'd been chatting to a passing breakdown man and he reckoned Chief had hit a pot hole and that often that can pop off and deflate a tyre. He said he'd put the tyre back on, pump it up and see if it was ok. Yipeeeee! Unfortunately the repair man couldn't fix it. However, he did have a just legal wheel on the back of his truck that he said would do the job safely as long as Chief drove steadily. It would get him down to me but then he'd need a new tyre asap.  Chief was bracing himself for a large bill but it turned out the repair man was ex-army too and did this all as a favour!

So it was very very late when Chief limped down to me. We were both half asleep and it was the early hours before we actually got to sleep.

The next day Chief left me in bed and went off to get his tyre replaced.  There is a local tyre shop so I told him to try there. They sorted him put (much cheaper than the replacement he had to have a couple of weeks ago when he shredded another tyre - no he's not having much luck!) and by 9.30am he was back delivering me a smoked salmon/cream cheese bagel breakfast in bed followed by pancakes and maple syrup!

We took ourselves off to Otmoor. Not before he'd been out to get some drinks and scooby snacks and me some flowers!

Otmoor looked quite bleak and there weren't too many new bird spots. Lots of Twitchers hoping to see Bearded Tits.  The new spot for me were Stonechats. There were a few on the edge of one of the reed beds. They get their name from the distinctive call they make which sounds like two stones being knocked together.

Stonechat, Otmoor Nature Reserve

Unfortunately he was unable to stay over last night as hoped as work needed him back. (Sad face.) But we made the most of our time together.  

More bad news came with this lovely bundle of goodies I bought from Sew Fresh Fabrics.


They had a sale which seemed a great time to stock up on some half yards and fat quarters. Now I'm always being told I'm far to cautious with fabric buying and that it doesn't matter if you go over the £15 customs tariff as they rarely check and it seems lots of you are buying stupid amounts of fabric on a regular basis and never get caught. However the one time I go over I get stung! I was £4.11 over the £15 allowance with this lot and got stung for nearly £12 customs excise. Ouchy.


Ironically I'd have been under if I hadn't opted to buy the Melody Miller fabric. I'm not sure why I did buy it. I'd already discussed with someone how the scale of the vinyl was far larger than I thought which would make it difficult to turn into a framed pouch. I guess I optimistically thought I'd be able to make something else with it for the vinyl loving friend. If you haven't seen it this will give you an idea of how crazy big those records are. I wonder what Melody thought we'd all be making with a fabric pattern this size? I really most see if I can find out how other people have been using it.

A modern cd next to the vinyl print. (I did have to smile when I saw one of the records says
The Ginger Monkeys on it. I wonder if Katy has used it in a project?)

I'm just hoping when I fell of the fabric waggon when Pink Castle Fabrics had their recent sale that I wasn't over the allowance again as that'll be £25 gone with no more fabric to show for it.  

As the weather was so lovely Mum and I took ourselves off to Waterperry Gardens for a walk about at lunch time. I haven't sorted all the photos out yet.  I did like the light coming through this autumnal vine though.  

Autumn Colours

I've also signed up to round 2 of The Scrappy Swap so made this mosaic which just shows how drawn I am to bright colours.

Scrappy Swap Round 2
Just click on the picture to be taken to flickr to see the photo credits.

Today I got on with my EPP for the blog hop tomorrow. So excited about my first blog hop so I do hope you'll check back again then.


  1. the thing that annoys me isn't the VAT, it's the blimmin 8 quid "handling fee". Bastards!

  2. Oh it sucks to get stung with that admin charge! Melody's vinyl print screams wall art or tote bags to me :)
    Glad Chief managed to get down to visit you, shame about the tyre though.

  3. Aggh, thats a lot of money for nothing: it's so unfair!

  4. Commiserations on the Customs sting; Beaded Tits did make me laugh though!

    Lu Summers named the Ginger Monkey's disc, Thomas Knauer and some others did some too.

    Fingers crossed for another Chief visit soon x

  5. Obviously I meant Bearded Tits - I don;t like to get my tits mixed up x

  6. I hate the admin charge - the mean feckers! Gorgeous fabric though!

  7. Hehe, I'd like to see a beaded tit, ahem! Boo to the customs charge :-(

  8. If it cheers you up I had 2 parcels from the US within a week (one an order, one a gift) and got stung for £15 on each one!

  9. Well I am pleased Chief made it there eventually and you have to keep a man who understands the need for smoked salmon and bagels!

  10. I don't suppose you bought that much vinyl but Rae made a great washi tunic/dress with some

  11. I hate the stress that comes with those customs charges... And you should probably know that they've reduced the limit to £9... Better luck next time though!

  12. Ah no - got it wrong - getting my Import duty mixed up with VAT duty (as you do!). It's still £15... phew!

  13. Sorry your time with Chief was cut shorter than intended, but at least you made the most of what time you did have.

  14. That is lovely fabric and thank you, I had no idea that the records were so big. Maybe it would be good for a bag?

  15. You're not the only one, I've had about 4 charges this year... its the handling fee that really pisses me off - I'm okay with paying customs, but £8 handling for something THEY have delayed and I have to go and get?!!

  16. Well at least you had some time with Chief. The fabric charges are outrageous! Di x

  17. Can't believe you can only import £15 - how ridiulous is that?? Sounds like an amazing weekend and Chief is a keeper for sure. Love your photos too!

  18. You poor thing! You have made me shiver in my shoes as I have done a couple of quite big orders recently for backing fabric, and a bundle - I have obviously been very lucky. I didn't know the limit was that low.

    Pomona x

  19. Sounds like we all need a fabric friend in America, to forward on the fabric gifts. Anyone want to be my friend?


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