Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

When I heard Justine announce that she was having a flash sale on precuts over at Simply Solids I was all over that getting me some (more) Oh Deer! by Momo and some Sew Stitchy. Now OK, I know you're probably thinking: Didn't she say she was not buying fabric until she'd used a load of her stash up? Well, if you're going to be really picky, I did say that. It's just I really wanted to make a soft cover for my new machine and thought that Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey would be a fab choice for a sewing machine cover.


Justine was still offering a free FQ with every order and she very helpfully randomly choose a great fabric to co-ordinate with the Sew Stitchy. The Essex Linen grey I bought from Simply Solids when Justine first took over would be a great match too. 

So despite a twinge in my neck today, I decided to cut some charm squares and re-sew them.  Originally I'd wanted to make a cover like Lynz did for her machine.  That's until my machine arrived and I saw how massive the table attachment was - far too big for me to use on a regular basis (well if I want to be able to do stuff like eat at my dining room table!) The pattern Lynz recommended is still forming the basis of what I'm doing. Although I have to say I am kind of doing my own thing as I go along. Yeah, I know it could all end in tears. So far I'm really pleased with how it's turning out.


I'm hoping I'll have enough charms left over to make a matching sewing machine mat and maybe a thread catcher/pincushion combo for using near the machine.

In anticipation of the pattern and zip turning up for me to start the Amy Butler Weekend bag I've started pulling scraps from my stash in a colour I think would be fun.  I'm sort of going for bright pink/orange/brown combo.  Anna Maria Horner, Joe Dewberry, Denyse Schmidt. I don't have quite as many scraps in these colours as I thought I did. But I'm thinking I could eek them out with some texy fabric and maybe a bit of my precious Mendocino stash. 


I'm thinking of going with these colours because I wear a lot of purple, berry colours, navy, blue, grey and black and these would sort of co-ordinate with most of those pretty well.  But I am open to suggestions and may change my mind before I get sewing. I also found upstairs on the spare bed some heavy interfacing. It's really REALLY stiff like a more solid fleece.  I obviously bought it thinking it would be great for bags, but there is no indication what this stuff is. I can't remember where I got it from. Not for the first time I really regret not snipping a bit of interfacing when it arrived and labelling it with where I got it, what it was and maybe even why I got it.  I'm thinking it might be possible to use as the side panel wadding for the QAYG bits of the bag. But maybe it would be too stiff? And will it matter if I only did the two big side panels in it because I don't have that much of it?  Hmmm.  

So that's what I've been working on today. What about you?


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. Remember to let us have any tips as you go along. Your fabric is lovely and vibrant. Di x

  2. I have what you have pulled for the weekender - I await progress!

  3. I love the start of your sewing machine cover and your choice of bag fabric looks lovely!!

  4. The sewing machine cover is looking great!

    I'm resisting making a weekender bag for now but looking forward to seeing yours as the fabrics look lovely!

  5. I'm sure charm packs don't count towards your stash, they're so small... ;o)

  6. I have been nearly finishing another quilt top and completely avoiding backing and quilting!

    Pomona x

  7. I saw someone else who had made one of those bags - looked totally amazing, can't wait to see yours x

  8. Ooh I took advantage of Justine too!
    Loving the look of the W bag fabrics x

  9. Sew Stitchy is great for a machine cover! Love that idea!

  10. Snap - I fell victim to the charm of sew stitchy too! No idea what I'll be making yet!

    Great inspiration Jan so I'm waiting for you to finish!

    Love the berry ensemble!

  11. Yeah, I'm on a no spend but the free postage, cheap precuts and free FQ deal sucked me in too!

    The first thing I ever made that was quilted was a sewing machine cover that I made up as I went along but sadly it doesn't fit my newer- bigger- machine. Maybe I should cut it down into zipped pouches or something. Hmmmmm


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