Friday, 9 November 2012

100 Day Hustle - Check In Time

Wow doesn't time fly? We're already 50 days in to the 100 day hustle. I told you about it here and did my list. But now's the time to find out how well I've done so far. I've got a feeling last time I'd looked I'd done three quarters of the things already.  I suspect this will be a bit like spring cleaning. I will have started off well but then towards the end there will be a few items - easy items that just don't get done!

1. Make the Tote bag for my partner in Mouthy Stitches

Done and received!

2. Make a pin cushion for my partner in Bee a Brit Stingy

Reverse of Pincushion for DiFront  of Pinnie for Di

I also made a little thread catcher to go with it.

3. Finish off the Book Shelf Cushion for LG

Done and posted off to Linda.

4. Make the purple cushion for SW.

A cushion for S.

Another cushion done and delivered to the recipient - a family friend with terminal cancer and dementia.

5. Make a birthday gift for TB
Done and while it's been posted I don't want to ruin the surprise until the recipient has opened it!

6. Make the latest Noodlehead Tote bag.
Not yet - haven't got the strap hard ware required so haven't even bought the pattern!

7. Make a Framed purse for a special birthday gift
Changed my mind on this one and didn't go down the handmade route for this birthday present.

8. Momo It's a Hoot quilt for Mum for Christmas

It's a Hoot Plus Quilt

Yep done and dusted in three days from start to finish! It's well hidden now so Mum doesn't know a thing!

9. EPP stuff for Blog Hop

For the Travelling PicStitch Blog Hop
Took part in my first every Blog Hop with this English Paper Pieced Block!

10. Make my DS star for my month in HipBee's
October was my month and I've not done it!!!

11. Make November and December HipBee blocks
Hope to tackle the November block at the weekend - obviously when I forgot the list I forgot we're not doing December!

12. Make October, November and December Bee Blessed blocks.
I don't think there was a block in October but I intend making the November block!

13. Christmas table runner.
I have joined the Modern Christmas table runner swap so this item will be done as part of this. I haven't started the runner yet but I have made the ornament we have to send with the runner.

EPP Christmas bauble

14. Sewing machine cover for new machine (Get the new machine!)
I got the new machine and the cover got made!

Almost Finished 

15. Top Secret something I can't reveal just yet.
This is still so top secret I can't even tell you how secret! But I've done it!

16. Make a hexie flexi frame purse as per Leila's tutorial.

Liberty Hexie Flexi Frame Purse 
Loved making this. A great tutorial

17. Key fob for Mouthy Stitches

Key Fob reverse for Mouthy Stitches Partner
I made the fob and even wrote up a tutorial for it on my blog.

So I'm feeling more than on top of things!  In fact I may have to add to the existing stuff on the list because I'm sure I have more sewing time left in the next 50 days! Best go link up to:


  1. your cushions are to die for and i love how you're using hexies in various ways. nice work!

  2. Oh my, but you've been busy. Enjoyed seeing all your lovely goodies.

  3. wow! did you sleep much in the last 50 days? xx

  4. Nice projects, especially that little pin cushion! Di x

  5. Wow, you've made so many gorgeous things in the last 50 days - well done!

  6. Starting to think my list it not so long after all!

  7. Well done! I'll be checking my list tomorrow and I suspect it's nowhere near as well covered as yours, but I did get a bit over excited!

  8. Wow, that's an impressive amount of work!

  9. Wow, you have been so busy an such wonderful makes!

  10. Dude! I was starting to wonder if you had anything left on your list to finish in the last 50! :) Nice work!

  11. Loving your Plus Quilt - that is on my to-do list for sure!!!

  12. Blimey you are cooking on gas girl!!!! I think I have a parcel from you stashed under my bed for Monday (in case you were worried it hadn't arrived) - but I am being good and waiting to open it!! You are such a sweetie, thanks for thinking of me. happy weekend xx

  13. Whew! You've been a busy Bee. Bee Blessed October block was a re-run of the September crazy scrappies so you didn't miss the October block and the November block is nice and simple so won't take too long!

  14. Brilliant Jan, bey you feel good! Some fabulous makes.

  15. Haha! Well done Jan - was wondering if I could sneak a few things onto your list as I seem hopeless at getting things done!

  16. Doing pretty darn well there! Of course in the next 50 days there may be a few seasonal things to occupy you ;o)

  17. Wow! Awesome job! Love that tote and the little hexie pouch and everything really :)

  18. Holy cow. You have done some serious sewing. Love your finishes!


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