Monday, 12 November 2012

Fluff and Nonsense

I did no sewing yesterday. I wasn't in the mood. I watched the TV coverage from the Cenotaph and thought about Chief being in the North East. Many in the armed forces find Remembrance Sunday and this time of year difficult. It's a time to remember friends and comrades lost. For many it's like going through the grieving process all over again. Sewing felt too frivolousness.

There was some stress midweek last, when Chief discovered his medals were missing. He's still not found them.  They were not where he expected them to be. It means he's either done something silly like thrown them out by accident (and that's not easy as they're quite heavy), or he's put them somewhere completely random or (and I really don't like to think this) someone has stolen them as they're worth money.  Thankfully a replica seller on eBay came to the rescue with a replica set, followed by the tailor who mounted them at the last moment. Not the same as having your own, especially as they're engraved with your name. But he was going to need them yesterday so had to get something sorted. Mean while fingers crossed his medals turn up.

Yesterday afternoon I went out for a walk.  The weather was glorious around here and I'd noticed that many of the trees were holding on to their Autumn colours.

Remembrance Sunday

Today I got on with the binding of the quilt for my niece. When I say I got on with it. What I really mean is I made the binding and sewed it on with the machine, I managed to get a join in the binding to land right where a corner is so I have a nice ugly thick bulky corner to deal with. I have started hand sewing the binding down and normally I quite like this because it means I have a nearly finished quilt and I can sew and day dream, as I do it.  Today I've looked for any excuse not to sew it. I just don't like the quilt or its organic quilting. It's not one of my finest efforts. It's the sort of quilt best viewed from a from the surface Mars.

When I took my walking foot off to swap back to my regular foot I cleaned out the bobbin case area and as promised took some picks. OMG what a lot of fluff.


And yes I have cleaned it out before! You can see from the picture that quite a lot of this fluff has a purple tinge to it. Given I've been using the purple thread from empress mills and no other purple thread I think it's safe to say this is responsible for the purple tinges you see there.  Since I've used the Empress Mills thread I have used it with a lot of wadding/fleece so I was expecting a fair amount of shedding. But I'd say not all of this fluff is wadding related. 



Not sure if you can see very well, but in the second fluff picture it's green. This came from the bit of the machine right above the needle.   I can't really say how much other threads shed as I've not exactly road tested anything else in my machine. But now I'm thinking I should!  Hmmm maybe I need a thread sponsor. On second thoughts nobody would be brave enough to ask me to review their thread would they?!

I am feeling slightly panicked by my lack of progress in the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap.  A lot of people have finished and all I've done is managed to move a pile of fabric to a patch of the living room floor. 

Now I'm going back to sewing the binding. After I've read a few blogs, made a cuppa and oh done just about anything so as to not have to sew on the binding.


  1. That is a lot of fluff, now you are really going to have to figure out how much is from the thread. I await all reports.

  2. So sorry about the medals - he must feel really anxious about it. It's awful when you put something somewhere 'safe' and then can't find them. Hope they show up soon :-)

  3. I hope the medals turn up safe and sound in a completely unexpected place...maybe St Anthony will help...

  4. Really hope those medals turn up.

    I have done that join at the corners so many times, it is so annoying.

  5. Fingers crossed for the medals - I hate putting things in those safe places that even I can't find again!

    Keep going, that quilt will be done soon!

  6. Here's hoping that the medals turn up in an unexpected place.
    Interesting about the fluff. Report back when you know more. Di x

  7. I hope the medals turn up-what a horrid thing to happen.
    I was stressing yesterday about being behind in swaps, but feel better about things today:don't let it stress you out!

  8. I really hope Chief's medals turn up; they are too personal and valuable to be easily replaced. Hope you get some groove going to finish your quilt. And thank you for being distracted enough to help me with my camera buying too! jXO

  9. With all these good thoughts about medal finding I trust they will reappear! He needs to tell you where he has put them so you can remind him !

    Great fluff - now stop fluffing around and get binding and sewing that runner! Be brave and start with just one stitch!

  10. Lol you machine didn't look all that bad. I've seen them so dirty that the feed dogs had a felted mat between them. Isn't it funny how appealing cleaning can be when there is something else at hand that doesn't want doing?!

  11. Oh bugger, hope Chief finds his medals!

    I de-fluff every time I sew with batting or fusible fleece, but since I often sew with white thread, it's rather challenging to distinguish what came from where o.O

  12. It was a quiet wonky weekend for us too. Hope Chief finds his medals.
    You just reminded me I need to clean my machine....

  13. Lol You sound like me at the moment! Procrastination is an art! I haven't even begun a secret santa swap thingy and have tonnes to do. Isn't it rubbish when you are not in the mood? Really hope chief finds those medals soon. I bet he has placed them somewhere totally random. xx


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