Friday, 16 November 2012

Never work with Animals, Children or...mothers

Warning: For those of a delicate nature and Hadley please note this is not a Jeggings Free Post. 

I managed to get the floor hoovered today - ironic because then I started laying out fabric and scraps all over it. For a while it was relatively thread free. And in a fit of domestication I decided I needed an apron.  Actually I made the decision when I placed my order for fabric for the low volume charm swap, and one of my other purchases was some fabric for one side of a reversible apron I decided to make.  If I hadn't been gripped by a rare fit of domesticity I may have thought to photograph my fabric purchases. As it was half of them went in the wash. (They were prominently red and I live in fear of red fabric running.).  After about an hour of domesticity I decided I really needed to make the apron before I did any more housework.

Once it was done I asked Mum to take some pictures of me modelling the Apron. The light is rubbish and I could think of no way of showing it to you without actually modelling it. Oh. What. A. Drama. I'll spare you a blow by blow account of what happened next but suffice to say there was about a squillion blurry pictures, a couple of close ups of my feet and ankles and a few shots of the wall with only a flash of me in it. Not to mention quite a lot of bickering between Mum and I.

The best of the bad bunch was this:

It's sort of ended up chopping of the top of the apron and er a close up of my Jeggings.

The apron is completely reversible and this side features a bright pink Klona pocket and trim and some Sinister Swarm from Anna Maria Horners Field Study range. The trim was necessary because I was using a fat quarter of a metre of fabric one side and had cut down a half yard of the Field Study - which of course was narrower than the metre cut.  After the bad pictures I said to Mum right you're modelling I'm taking pictures. She was not happy especially when  I asked her to remove a large cardigan over her jumper, as I said it was creating a big funny bulge in her middle. She started carrying on and huffing and puffing.  Probably   not helped by my diplomatically telling her: For goodness sake just take of your cardigan it's hardly a cause for all this drama, I'm asking you to remove a cardigan not donate a kidney.  


The reverse side is some Ta Da Dot by Michael Miller with a Sinister Swarm pocket. Aprons need a pocket. Mum always wore a half apron like this when I was growing up. I asked her why she stopped and she said because they were warn out and she could no longer get more.  Her apron pockets always housed all manner of junk - string, elastic bands, bits of detritus she'd picked up around the house.  The apron string is more Klona . 


I used another of my fancy stitches to give some detail on the Klona pocket this side. Mum then had the cheek to ask me what she was getting paid for modelling my apron. I just can't dignify some questions with a response. (Although she maybe getting an apron...)

So today I have stitched. Ok it's not something I really should have been doing. I have also done some really crappy sketches for my partner to peruse in the Modern Table Runner Swap. I'm not really a-do-a-sketch -of -what-I-have-planned type of person as I work straight out of my head. Mercifully Flickr doesn't allow you to upload the contents of your head straight from source, so a sketch had to suffice.

Today has been a good day though. My boss bought me lunch. It may have only been a bacon sarnie, but it was a very nice bacon sarnie! I also got bought a cake being sold by some passing hairdressers in pyjama's for Children in Need. 


  1. You and your mum are hysterically funny. And the apron looks great on both of you.

  2. Move over Nigella, there's another domestic goddess in town. Love the pinnie!

  3. Oh you two!!! I want a video next!!

  4. fab !!! both of you and the apron :)))

  5. I love your pinny but Hadley's right, we need a video next time! I love wearing a pinny - I think it's because it makes me feel like a proper grown-up and as if I'm about to accomplish something rarely happens though!

  6. Your mum deserves several aprons I think. I too vote for the video and I love that we went from modelling to lunch with barely a word in between.

  7. Aprons mean business - or looking like it!

    That one is too nice for housework but I was wearing one for a time while sewing - it kept the threads of my clothes so the school run was thread free!

  8. thanks for the giggle - you are hilarious!

  9. Oh how I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall! Pretty apron. Di x

  10. Hee hee, I may or may not have had a battle with my mum yesterday too over her insane carb obsession and a major omission in the details of the evening's menu...

  11. Haha, I know the 'bickering' feeling!! Love the apron

  12. ah! the joys of mother... daughter... AND camera in the same small space xx lol xx


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