Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Sewing!? What it's November already?!!!

Where did October go to? I seemed to sew up a storm at the start of it which kind of fizzled out when life got in the way towards the end! However, I did manage to make one of the largest quilts I've ever made in three days, along with a whole range of other things. We're not going to dwell on the things I should have done like the October block in the HipBee's. Before you think I'm a complete let down, I'll remind you it was my month as Queen Bee and as Queen Bee I never quite got round to it. I suspect I was perfecting my Queen technique?

Sew Fresh Sewing October

October was my first participation in a Blog Hop.  It was fun to take part.

Monday I delivered the purple cushion to its recipient who I told you about here and here.  It went down a storm. She completely loved it and promptly put it in her own chair and was proudly showing it off to her son who is staying with her at the moment.

As always linking up to Lily's Quilts:  Fresh Sewing Day.

Lily's Quilts

I do have lots of plans for November.  I'm in two swaps. The Scrappy Swap and the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap.  I've also agreed to a Secret Santa swap in Bee a Brit Stingy. Already got some ideas in that department.  I've decided there will be limited hand made items as Christmas presents this year. I don't want to just make hand made stuff and inflict it on everyone when they might not be that keen really.  It takes too much time and money to waste my efforts.  It'll also mean I can save some of my ideas for a few of the big birthdays that will be coming up over the next few years. 

What plans do you all have for November sewing?


  1. Your purple pillow is my favorite... those fabrics look great! I would have had the exact same reaction to receiving such a lovely gift.

  2. I think you did amazing with the big quilt in 3 days! And your other makes look fab too

  3. lovely things! the cushion is especially gorgeous!

  4. Gosh you got lots of things done this month...... I'm with you on the Christmas presents, I don't know if people always appreciate (or want) them! However I do love making them!!! x

  5. You had a storming October judging by that mosaic. As Queen Bee for hipBees October weren't you just waiting to see what kind of a star was needed for your quilt after all our twinkles had been received - that'd be my story if I were you!

    Hope you have lots of fun in your swaps - know what you mean about the handmade Christmas. It's fab if people really appreciate it but can be exhausting to be against such tight deadlines for so many pressies when some folks would really just prefer something from M&S.

  6. Wonderful month and great news about the purple cushion!

  7. What a great month you had - a quilt in three days is always a spectacular feat! I'm so glad your friend liked the cushion!

  8. Great projects! I love that sewing machine cover!!

  9. Oh I am so happy that the purple cushion went down well; knew it would!

    I am with you on the gifts - people can only have so much handmade to keep appreciating it!

  10. Just made a handmade birthday gift today ! My friend sews so she will like it I hope but I know what you mean - you do have to pick your recipient with care!

    Great month for you Jan and another challenge next month!

  11. Beautiful makes as always - so glad the cushion went down well. Knew it would. I love your mum's quilt so much.


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