Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pin it to Win it and other Pinterest Stuff?

Do you Pin? On Pinterest I mean. I have to say when the concept first came out I wasn't sure I'd really make much use of it and I have to say I'm more of a dabbler than a die-hard pinner.  In fact most of the time I'm more of a repinner. I follow a bunch of cool people and when I see they've pinned something interesting I repin. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes when I go back to that pin and find it doesn't go anywhere useful. But most of the time I'm using my pin boards as inspiration. I am kind of amused when I find people start pinterest accounts and then only pin their own pictures from flickr. Hmmm could you not just make sets on flickr? And actually when pinterest first started I thought there was a rule somewhere that it was for repining other people's stuff and not to be used only to pin your own stuff? Or do I just think that should be a rule?

Pinterest is a great diversion when I really should be doing other stuff like ahem sewing down binding, making a Christmas table runner for the swap, taking the washing out of the washing machine or hoovering all the zillion threads from my carpet. I don't actually feel motivated to do any of that!

If you want to go check out the junk creative and inspiring wonders I pin - and there is everything from card board cut out tardis patterns to clothes I'd wear if I was more fashionable than I actually am - then go here.

While I'm on the subject of Pinterest Fresh Squeezed Fabrics are doing another Pin it To Win It competition. They've made the rules clearer so hopefully there will be no confusion and disappointment with people thinking they've won a bundle when they haven't. Basically when you get the required number of pins you can then get entered into a drawer for that bundle. Of course you can pick more than one bundle but I'm not being greedy I'm only picking this red one because my stash is very very short on red. If you'd like to help me get the correct number of pins so I can enter to win this bundle I'd be most grateful just go here.

Source: etsy.com via Jan on Pinterest


  1. I will go and find you on there. I do lots of re-pinning and also use it for inspiration:infact last night it led me to a great tute for a Christmas decoration

  2. I've repinned for you. Hope you win it!

  3. Me too!

    I think of Pinterest as a virtual scrap book of ideas. Much more convenient than clipping articles from magazines.

  4. I repinned it, please repin mine too :)

  5. I pin so I can eat these days ;o) I don't ever get round to following other people's pin boards, I'm probably a really bad Pinterester lol I repinned just for you though...

  6. I shall repin you and I'm glad she has clarified the rules and hopefully won't change them this time but I don't think I'll be joining in.

  7. I am off to repin you now :)
    I've never pinned anything of my own, it wasn't until very recently that I even knew how to! I'm not really an addicted pinner, I do repin and make my own pins, but I seem to mainly be using it as a virtual fabric shopping list at the moment...!
    My pin for the competition is here if anyone would be so kind :)

  8. Oooo I had sort of forgotten about pinterest - must dash, off to waste an hour or two over there now! And will repin you at the same time x

  9. Sorry but I'm not a pinner. Looks like you have support though. I hope that you reach your target. Di x

  10. On my iPad so not set up to pin now, remind me in the morning; bargepole sprang to mind when i saw Randi's post!

  11. I've repinned you too! good luck, jxo


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