Saturday, 10 November 2012

Saturday WIP

This morning I probably should have been doing Novembers block in the HipBee or getting on with my Modern Christmas Table Runner for the swap. But as I've messed up sewing of blocks when I've attempted them before lunch and I'm still waiting for the real zinger of enthusiasm to strike with the table runner, I opted for quilting a quilt for my niece for Christmas.

I first told you about the Hit and Miss Quilt here. It was back in June 2011 I see. It made it on to the Finish-A-Long when I signed up to that. But it's taken until now for me to quilt it.  Once I've sorted out binding it'll be good to go.

When I started this quilt it had been for someone else entirely. Then I had doubts about whether that recipient would want a quilt and if they did would they want this quilt. So it got popped in a bag and neglected.  When I came across it the other day I thought it was time I finished it and gave it to my niece for Christmas.


I went with straight lines. When I say straight lines. I of course mean really wonky ones. In my thriftyness wisdom I decided to back it in a purple sheet from the supermarket. After procrastinating for ages I realised when it was too late I'd bought one that was poly cotton.  It was also a fitted sheet and it took me absolutely ages removing all the elastic. It may have saved me a few pounds on some Klona but never again. First off the time removing that elastic was ridiculous and then it was so damn slippy both the basting and the quilting was difficult. I put it down to the sheeny polyester. I used a walking foot and the spacing bar attachment and still the lines went wonky as the backing fabric tended to want to do it's own thing. Actually on the back the quilting looked far better than the front. The tufted tweets fabric used on the front of the quilt was not printed straight on the fabric. Add to that some wonky sewing on my part and of course every straight line is going to look far wonkier than it is. So I decided to embrace the wonk and in between every navy quilted line I sewed a green wonky line.  But if you're ever contemplating using a polycotton sheet to save money just don't!

 I used the green and navy Empress Mills thread I bought the other day. I have nothing new to say about this thread at the moment. But when I take off my walking foot I'll take a picture of the lint build up and we'll see how much of that is navy or green...

I also used for the first time Hobbs Heirloom batting. Don't like that at all. It's no warm and white/natural. It's no Quilters Dream Blend. It may have said 'cotton' in the online shop but from packet details it's clearly a poly/cotton blend.  It just feels so inferior to what I'm used too. It seemed to quilt ok, but it was a pain smoothing it out to baste as it seemed to have lots of strange lumps and bumps straight from the packet.

So that so far is my Saturday.


  1. Looks gorgeous, wonk or no wonk!

  2. It looks fabulous. Shame about the wadding and the sheet. I have used sheets before and they have always worked fine, maybe I have been lucky!

  3. Organic lines are all the rage so pretend they were meant to be and o-one will know any different. Looks great even so. I really love Quilter's Dream blend wadding but it got so expensive i switched to Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 blend. It's not the same drape (bit softer) and lately I have noticed the the pre-packed rolls have been quite stretched in the middle and hard to smooth out like you say. If you can buy it from a roll it is better.

  4. It will be great to see this one finished.

    Did you get that wadding from that shop I did? I had never bought a precut before (and it was for a quilt I was not keeping and is only for 'show' so I didn't pay too much attention, but I ironed it before basting, and it actually worked a treat - I was surprised!

  5. Quilters Dream is sooooo lovely. The select is my absolute favourite :-) Hobbs Fusible is good though, but nothing like as thick and soft as QD. Love the wee peak of the quilt though, looks like a good 'un!

  6. Love the colours in this quilt. Looking forward to seeing the finished item! You're well ahead of the Christmas present rush! Jxo

  7. Not wonky, it's organic, it's aaaalll organic ;o)

  8. Quilt looks lovely andi like organic lines. You are impressing me with your pressy making. Di x

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only person who has part made stuff stashed away in carrier bags. I'm sure your niece will love it.

  10. It looks lovely, wonk or not! I love Hobbs Heirloom (which is, I think, an 80/20 mix) for hand quilting (it does need to relax overnight if it's not come off the roll) but prefer W&N for machine quilting - I've not used Quilters Dream blend but I'll be looking out for it!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  11. Wonk in quilting is known as unique and intentional one of kind work of art kind of stuff. Stick to that thinking!

  12. You can delump packaged batting by giving it a ride in the dryer before you use it.

    What didn't you like about the batting....was it just the packaging lumps?

    I use Hobbs 80/20 for my customers quilts and haven't had any trouble...but I buy it by the roll. No lumps.

    I like the drape of Warm n' Natural better, and Dream Orient is my favorite to sleep under.


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