Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Skirting the issue

Look what came in today's mail:

Wardrobe in a Wallet - arrived in today's mail. 

 And if I wasn't so tired and could remember what I'd done with the packet of pattern tracing paper I'd be starting with the skirt pattern now. I really have to stop (excuse the pun) skirting the issue regarding dressmaking and get on with it. The recent $2.99 pattern sale that Fiona blogged about was enough to get me browsing and purchasing. Of course there will be plenty of you reading this that will be sat rolling your eyes, thinking yeah yeah yeah, like she hasn't said all this before.  This time I'm determined to give it a crack.  I have a very old blue sheet to practice on and if I could find that blessed pattern transfer paper and some energy I'd be cutting. View C of the skirt says for any fabric width I'll need 1.1/4 yards of fabric. I'm hoping that a metre will be enough as I have several metre cuts that would make lovely summer skirts. Given all sizes of skirt specify this amount of fabric I'm hoping that I can easily get a skirt out of a metre cut. Of course being so tired I may have completely missed something fabric requirement wise. If so I'll have to order fabric especially to make the skirt so that will delay things further.

Last night I had more energy and managed to whip up an EPP Christmas Bauble that I thought my partner might like in the Modern Table Runner Swap.

EPP Christmas bauble

You can't see from this pic but the side I had to join together from the outside is a tad pointy. I don't think this spoils it though. If my partner doesn't want it I'll happily put it on my tree. 

But for now I'm going for a snooze and to think about what on earth I've done with that pattern tracing paper. If I can't find it do you think I can use baking parchment instead? I really want to make that skirt!


  1. I am still puzzling why you re trace your pattern? I just place my pattern on the fabric, pin it and cut it out to my size! Go for it!

  2. Well if a metre doesn't do, you'll just have to go shorter! I have a pile of dressmaking books, which I bought back in June. Your patterns look fairly straightforawrd and I'm sure you'll ace them. I can't wait to see the blue sheet skirt!

  3. Your ornament is wonderful.

    I'm sure you can manage to sew together a skirt. Be sure to model it for us!

  4. Ohhh.... Where was the sale?? I love that lissette diplomat pattern!

  5. Cute ornament!

    I know you can make the skirt! It's just finding the right pattern for you to click with. I hope this is the one! I'm rooting for you!

  6. Totally use backing parchment or newspaper! No more delay tactics! Cute bauble btw! Jxo

  7. Oh be brave and cut the pattern! Di x

  8. Love that ornament. May have to try making one myself. Now get to the skirt making - and I am with Sue, why the tracing?

  9. Lovely patterns. I used to make clothes but can't be bothered any more. Last year I bought some nice fa bric for a summer dress. Whenever I see the fabric I feel a bit guilty that it is just laying there, waiting, but then I quickly pick up my patchwork and feel happy again!


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