Friday, 2 November 2012

Swap Updates

Well after what feels like forever, I got back behind the sewing machine and did some stitching. But before I show you what I made I have to show you what came in the mail today. My Tote and key fob from the Mouthy Stitches Swap! Wooo Hooo! Lucky Me. I'm especially excited because a few days ago I had an email from my Mama to check that I'd really not received. My partner was concerned the tote had gone astray. I remained optimistic. At times the post service exceeds our expectations and at others it doesn't live up to them. But most stuff gets there in the end.


 It's it fab? The lining was kept a secret because it would have been a bit of a give away it was for me!


I'll try and get some better pictures tomorrow. The key fob has French text on it - very apt with my trip to Paris still to look forward to.

So thanks again to Anne-Marie aka ams2010. I love it!

Completely inspired by this goody in the post I was moved to sew myself.  I made two pouches following Anna of Noodlehead's Pattern.  I used scraps sewn to non-fusible fleece using the QAYG method.  It made sewing the pouches far more time consuming than just using a single piece of fabric for the exterior. But I'm pleased with the result. The hardest bit was boxing the corners as the exterior was quite a bit stiffer than the interior and it kept shifting about as I was trying to measure and mark. I used the same fabric for the linings in both pouches.

The flip sides of the pouches are below.


One is the for my partner in the scrappy swap. Unless she comments in the group she'd rather have something else?! I'm already rethinking the scraps I pulled for her.  The other one is for a secret recipient.

This was the first time I'd used the thread I bought from Empress Mills. I used the white 50wt. The first thing I noticed was despite the coloured spools I ordered being the same size the white one was quite a bit bigger. I don't recall seeing anything on the website about them putting more on the white reels and there was nothing to suggest this on the invoice.


All the coloured spools had stickers on the wrappers. There was nothing on the white wrapper. I'm telling you all this in case I'm actually reviewing a different project than I expected. I'm assuming I'm using the 50.  I am giving a fair review but no I'm not prepared to measure how much is on each of the spools!


I know several people asked me if it was a 'linty' thread. I haven't really been able to judge with this project because whilst my sewing machine was covered in a fair bit of fluff, I was sewing onto fleece which tends to shed a lot.  So I can't honestly say it was the thread.  The thread on the spools does seem more 'fluffy' than Aurifil does.  As for stitching with it I didn't notice any problem with using it throughout this project. I used it for each part of the pouch.  

I will try the other colours and all the threads in different projects and tell you how I get on.

I've just got my partner in a Secret Santa and am very excited to crack on and get making for that. I think the weekend will see me sewing some more!


  1. That tote has been the Mama's main worry this week, I am so pleased for you, and us!!!

    Lovely pouches - I may be doing the same x

    As for the thread - weird!

  2. You received a lovely tote and I love the pouches, maybe your my partner LOL, I can hope!!

  3. Ooooo what a brilliant tote bag - well worth the wait, enjoy using it. And great pouches for the scrappy swap...... it's a fun pattern isn't it? I have made a few wide mouthed pouches for our Christmas fair, and always struggled with the corners! Happy weekend x

  4. gorgeous tote! How weird about that thread :-/

  5. So pleased your beautiful tote turned up! Your pouches are lovely but weird about the giant white spool!

  6. Love the tote that you have received:worth wait for

  7. As you already know - I am thrilled the tote arrived, and that you got that extra special lining. Beautiful outside too mind you. And loving the pouches you made.

  8. I love the pouches!! Those look great!


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