Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The One Where Hadley Shouts At Me.

I am feeling really naughty. Maybe I'm just getting practice in for next years FQ Retreat where I will no doubt spend a fair amount of time on the naughty step. But I have been a bit naughty. I'll let you judge just how naughty and how loudly Hadley will be shouting at me.

1) I have not done any sewing. Not a needle has been threaded let alone used.  No sewing of the table runner for the Modern Table Runner Swap. No sewing on of that binding on the quilt for my niece. No sewing of anything on the 100 Day Hustle. No sewing of Bee Blocks for HipBee or Bee Blessed.  The Mojo has done one of its vanishing acts.

2) I have not hoovered the many threads from the living room floor. Maybe because I've not actually picked sufficient cr** of the floor in order to actually be able to hoover it...

3) Nor have I done any ironing and the ironing basket pile is so tall it's like the leaning tower of clothing. It would scare the French. There maybe some French living in it for all I know.

4) I went out straight from work just because the sun was shining and it was either that or come home and curl up on the sofa and sleep and browse flickr and Pinterest. And to be fair I did that as soon as I got in anyway.

5) OK so I was on flickr and pinterest and signed up for another charm swap that Laura from Needles, Pins and Baking Tins is running.

Needles, Pins and Baking Tins

If that doesn't seem too naughty wait until you read 6! And I've not actually finished my last low volume my defence I need some low volume lovelies to add to the charms that will be coming from the text charm swap. It seems like ages ago that I sent off my charms so I'm really hoping they'll arrive soon as I am itching to get started on a certain project.

6) Of course joining the LVCS means I needed to go buy fabric. That's reason one that Hadley may start shouting at me. As I did say if I bought more fabric I needed shouting at. She'll shout even louder when I confess that I may most definitely bought other fabric while I was shopping.

7) And then an email popped into my mail box saying all Michelle Patterns are on sale at $5 so I bought a pattern too.

But I did have a nice walk in the sunshine over at Waterperry Gardens.  Down by the River there was some Jackdaws up in the trees kicking up a right old racket. When I looked up to see what the fuss was all about (and I never did see) I saw this lovely view. 

Autumnal Beauty

So glad that I had my camera with me and I'd like to think the Jackdaws were shouting at me to look up so I didn't miss it. I'd have never looked up other wise. 

And if Hadley hasn't yelled at me enough she will when she see this next picture.


Yes, Hadley I'm wearing Jeggings! 


  1. Oh you are so funny, brilliant - I was starting to think you were my hero, (I signed up too, and have another full shopping cart I keep trying to empty, but will probably give in to by bed time, don't tell anyone), but the jeggings!!! ???

    OK, my opinions have not altered but as you are not the size of a bus and the jeggings are not in a fetching skin tone beige, so I still want you to be my friend, (but please wear a skirt to Retreat!) xxx

  2. Bwahaha, I see a prospective disownment coming if there's not a new wardrobe by July ;o)

  3. I love you, my wonderful English twin! Great pins, too, even in jeggings. *g*

  4. What's wrong with jeggings! You look fabulous in them! All is forgiven because of that beautiful sky photo (& because no. 8 was helping Judith buy a new camera!). Jxo

  5. I'm laughing too! Good post. Di x

  6. you are just so naughty. you would never catch me doing any of those things, let alone all of them...never

  7. My mojo has completely gone and I can't even be funny. You did make me smile though. Great post!

  8. Mojo's come back to Jan and Annabella!

    I can't think why everyone was telling me off for buying extra fabric when it seems you have all done the same! Rascals!

    It looks like the weather was too good to stay in - great legs - and make a skirt to wear to Retreat - Emily did last year!

  9. I think it makes perfect sense to buy fabric.... Cos you bought a new pattern to use it on. No point buying a pattern and no fabric.

  10. Haha. Funny. Okay, now get on to doing some sewing. Who knows what Hadley is capable of?

  11. Lol all of the above! Very funny! No comment to the extra fabric purchases :&

  12. Very witty post...and I think we all fear the wrath of Hadley...just kidding.

  13. Someone has to give that poor lonely fabric a home. It's a great community service we do & we don't even ask for credit.
    If I was as thin as you I would wear the jeggings. Maybe??


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