Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent 1: Stiffy Snowflakes

It's become a bit of a tradition on this blog for me to blog every day in the run up to Christmas - a sort of Advent Calendar of blog posts. I'm not sure how well I'll do with it this year given my iffy health of late. In fact just yesterday I was thinking of taking a blog break.  But I'm sure that's just the terrible week I've had speaking and because I've been feeling quite low at the moment.  In fact normally I'd be linking up with Fresh Sewing Day and showing what you all what I did in November. But really I can't be bothered, so I think I'll do a combined November/December post in the New Year. Assuming I get any more sewing done in December!

I had a great surprise in the mail to cheer me up today.

It must be Susan as the Angel it's certainly Not me!

A card, chocolate (Hmm how did she know one of my favourites?) and a very nice looking Christmas package from Susan.  

Inside was something I've wanted for a very long time. In fact since the run up to Christmas last year. When I completely fell in love with Susan's Stiffy Snowflakes. (And no not just because of the snicker-a-minute sounding name.)

Stiffy Snowflakes

Aren't these just beyond cool? I actually almost want to put my tree up now just so I can put them on the tree. I say almost because the thought of having to do the required housework in order to move furniture etc to get the tree up is a bit beyond me a the moment. Anyway the tree and decorations live in my brothers loft as I don't have storage space, so it will be a while longer before the tree goes up. But when it does these will be having pride of place.

I managed to get my table runner for the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap finished this afternoon (I'll blog about that tomorrow, all being well.) It's a relief to have another tick of the list of things that are overdue. I'm usually such a goody goody that does everything by the deadline. There will be a few things heading to mail on Monday and fingers crossed the ones headed abroad do make it in a timely manner for Christmas.

Before I started sewing I gave my machine a clean.  All this lint build up is from piecing with Empress Mills Thread.  Since the last clean out I have pieced the table runner I showed you here and the Christmas Quilt I showed you here. Nothing with fleece or batting.

This is what greeted me when I took out the bobbin case and removed the metal plate.

All this lint came from the part of the machine you see above.  I cleaned around the needle area after I took this shot.  The thread I was using was cream, but it looks like a fair amount of lint shed from all the red material I've been sewing with!?


I need to repeat a similar experiment with using another thread brand.  At least it's giving me a good excuse to not put off cleaning out my machine between projects.


  1. Oooh so tumble dryer rules apply to sewing machines too... All lint is red and blue...

  2. Ah can't beat a bit of chocolate and stiffy! Enjoy! Jxo

  3. Who knew Jude was so risqué?!

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  4. Glad you like them. If they got bent out of shape at all in the post, just apply a warm iron briefly and bend back to where they should be. Happy decorating!

  5. Ooooh, lovely snowflakes, they will look great on the tree

  6. dont you just love the postman xx hope you feel better soon xx

  7. Feel better soon. Chocolate and snow flakes seems like a fine remedy.

  8. So glad you got some sewing in - and I can vouch for the awesome stiffy-flakes!

  9. What a lovely surprise pressy. Chocolate is essential for a gal and the snowflakes are beautiful. Di x

  10. looking forward to your daily updates xxx

  11. Oh she had all her stiffies ready for you last weekend ;o)

  12. I am such a 12-year-old boy, giggling over "stiffy"!


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