Saturday, 22 December 2012

Advent 22: It's the little things that keep you going.

Acts of Kindness
A surprise in the mail I'm keeping for Christmas Day.
I'll reveal what it is after Christmas and who it was from.

Just as I was feeling my health was starting to improve I had another drama on the home front. Mum went to go to bed on Thursday night to find her bed was wet through.  The flat roof above her bedroom was leaking.  Of all the places it could leak it was right above her bed. As it was too late to do anything other than grab some buckets to catch the water she had a sleep over in my room. The next day I organised someone to come and put a tarpaulin (or three as it turned out over the roof.) They couldn't see an obvious place where the roof had failed although they said the whole surface was very spongy.  Unfortunately today with more rain it's still leaking and she is unable to return to that room.  The room is small - as are all the rooms in our cottage, so sleeping in the leaky room is not possible. Today I've been moving stuff about, throwing stuff out and generally find her space to sleep elsewhere until the roof is replaced. (Not ideal when energy is at a premium.) Yes, the whole roof will need replacing. Not ideal given my time off work without pay. In order to replace the roof, a dry spell, with no frost is needed, it will be some time well into the New Year before this is likely to be possible.  The only spare room upstairs has the stairs through it, so not ideal, especially when Chief comes to stay. 

It's at times like these the unexpected little act of kindness from friends is so appreciated.  As I see the flooding in parts of the country on the news, I am grateful that I have not lost my whole home to water damage and that Christmas will still be possible in this house.

I'm hoping 2013 can only get better. And well if it doesn't at least I am blessed to be surrounded with so much kindness and support. 

Thank you xox


  1. Oh Jan that is miserable. What can I say but I feel your pain? Take care. Di x

  2. Oh Jan just what you don't need! This reminds me over several years ago when half our downstairs got flooded with flash floods and we were out of our home for 5 months staying with Colin's mum and dad ( thankfully they have a large home). It certainly brought us closer together but it was major stress. Thank goodness we had insurance have you checked yours out?
    take care
    Collette x

  3. Oh Jan I am so sorry that you are having more troubles. Not sure what more I can say, just hang in there!

  4. Oh Jan what a nightmare! I really hope things improve soon. Thinking of you xx

  5. Oh no Jan poor you and your mum!

    At least you are not facing this on your own!

  6. Just what you don't need! Hope it gets sorted soon.

  7. I'm thinking dry thoughts for you!
    Rain rain go away!!!!
    Take care xx

  8. Oh no! I know too well what a leaky roof means! I hope you can get it fixed quickly and without too much expense! Jxo

  9. aaargh!!!! Wishing for some dry weather sooner rather than later!

  10. Oh, Jan. I do hope it all cheers up for you very soon!between feeling grotty, and rooves and all sorts, you are having a tough time just now.
    Thoughts are with you, for what that is worth.

    try to relax, and look after yourself.

  11. Oh bugger! I have been the one with the leaky roof (for 5 years!) but at least it was only walls getting damp (and it just all got repaired), I hope they can get it sorted PDQ, so the sleepovers are back to just you and The Chief ;o)

  12. Oh Jan, check you house insurance, I hope you can get it sorted sooner than later, thinking of you, big hugs x

  13. Hang in there Jan! Sending good thoughts your way and hoping you have a nice holiday despite the troubles. 2012 HAS to be better :-)

  14. Oh I do hope you get a dry spell to allow repairs, what a nightmare.x

  15. I'm sure 2013 will be a much better year.
    Hope you have a good (&dry) Christmas. See you in the new year. x


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