Thursday, 6 December 2012

Advent 6: Pointy Bottoms by Mail

Ha! I bet that title got a few peoples attention?

I am sure (probably like many people) if I get to 110 I'll still not get over that lovely feeling when you get nice mail. There is something lovely about a little parcel popping through the letter box or being left in our back porch and then opening it up and finding treasure inside.  Yesterday was one of those days when this turned up:


This month I've been fortunate enough to win two give aways. This one was a give away Mary had. I won a framed purse.  We could choose which one we got. As I like surprises I asked that Mary should surprise me.  She also sent a very generous pile of scraps. I was looking through them thinking Hmmmm she seems to know my tastes very well, then when I read the card I discovered a spot of stalking had been done over on flickr. 


This was the purse Mary chose for me.  Isn't it sweet? It has one of those pointy bottoms and is a sew in frame. I haven't had a go at this shape of purse or tried a sew-in frame yet. It's definitely on my new year list for things to try because I like the pointy bottom.

There is a tradition that if you give someone a purse it should have a coin in it for good luck.  Every purse I was ever given as a child would contain a shiny penny or similar. Luckily for me the coinage inside this purse was of the chocolate variety.  Hmmm would it be really bad to carry this purse in my bag year round full of chocolate coins for those moments when a little edible currency is needed?


You may also spot something else hiding inside there.


Yes, a matching mirror.  Ideal for checking my mouth isn't smeared with chocolate.  (Mary stalked me so well to know I would need this.) As you can imagine this made my day no end so thanks again Mary for such a thoughtful prize.

If you've not checked out Mary's blog I urge you to do so and also her Etsy shop. Where as I failed miserably with finding any vintage sheets to turn into quilts this lady is the queen of vintage sheeting. I think in the New Year I'll just some charms from Mary and let everyone think I scoured the charity shops for days on end to get such a great mix. 


  1. Haha love your squishy with it's pointy bottom!

  2. oh that little purse is just gorgeous and love the chocolate coins! the mirror is awesome too well done on winning x hope you are feeling better x

  3. I love the pointy bottoms - love their glasses too.

  4. What a fabulous package to receive. Lucky you.

  5. Oh what a cutie! Pointy bottoms all round! She such a talented one that M! jxo

  6. I want a pointy bottom! Love that wee mirror - I do so adore matching things.

  7. That's a gorgeous purse. I had the same tradition with purses I was given as a child - chocolate money is win win!


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