Monday, 7 January 2013

Good News and Bad News

Good News: I decided to sew at the weekend. For the first time in what felt like forever.


Bad News: trimming 2.5" HST's when the smallest ruler I have is 12.5" square.

Good News: Getting the block done and feeling relieved as I thought I was never going to get it done. It's a bit wonky and I've lost a few points. But it's OK, it's done with barely any fabric to spare. Phew no major cock ups.

November block for Catherine

Bad News: Uploading the pic I snapped yesterday and then seeing that I've transposed two squares so the diagonals run the wrong way. I actually really struggled with the lay out for this block. The instructions just tell you to how to make the HST's and then it jumps to telling you to sew it together to make the block. The only picture was the made up block and I just seemed to get block layout dyslexia. Now with very little fabric to spare I've got to hope that unpicking it doesn't damage it. 

Every time I've made a block involving small HST's I've messed them up. They are my nemesis and I now officially hate small HST's. 

Bad News: Found out via yesterday's news that a colleague and someone I've known all my life has died unexpectedly whilst playing rugby. He went to take a conversion kick and dropped down dead. (It's hardly any wonder I wasn't paying attention when I sewed together the block.) He was only 42. It was subdued at work today as colleagues came to terms with losing someone so young.  That's three deaths I've heard of in the first week of the year. 

Good News: I found out the actual name of the award Chief got recently. Nobody outside the Army has probably ever heard of it.

Commander Land Forces Commendation for Outstanding Service.

He has received two glowing letters from high ranking officers congratulating him on his award. It's been the first really good thing to happen to him this year.

Right I have a date with an unpicker...


  1. Jan, don't unpick it. Send it to me anyway and it just may get lost in the pattern of the quilt. I didn't notice until you pointed it out. And if not I can unpick that little bit cos I do have spare fabric here. So send as it is: honestly!!

  2. Great block, such a shame about the turned blocks but it still looks great! Sorry to hear your sad news.

    P.S. Chief's award sounds marvellous!

  3. I had to really search to work out the difference, so am sure it'd get lost in a whole quilt. I always believe in leaving n little errors in things just to prove it's hand-made!!! :-)

  4. It is nice seeing you sewing again. The block looks fine and I had to look hard to find what you meant. Good for Chief with his award. Di x

  5. Oh bugger on having to unpick the block. That was the first block I ever did in a bee and I was scared witless I would bugger it up. Sorry there was been continued bad news, but nice to hear good news too. What a great award for Chief to get.

  6. Definitely don't unpick. Would never have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it.

  7. I'd call the twisted blocks 'character' and leave them!!!!

    Woo hoo for Chief!

    So sorry about your colleague xxx

  8. So sorry to hear about your friend. I'm glad you're getting some sewing mojo back again. And congrats to Chief! Jxo

  9. The block looks fine to me, I'm not sure where it's meant to be wrong (but then I am dyslexic lol)

    Sorry to hear about your colleague, but yay for Chief!

  10. Hello ! Glad you managed some sewing again and I had to really look hard to find what you had done on that block. You should go with what Catherine said.
    Sorry to hear about that news of your colleague. It is awful when something like that happens isn't it? It really makes you think.
    Congrats to chief on his award how awesome! love to you xxx

  11. See, Catherine says just to leave it and look at it this way, she'll always know what block is Jan's! *g* Sorry your work life just gets a bit shitter but yay for the Chief! Always nice to have your work recognised and appreciated!

  12. Sigh....Wish I could give you a big hug

  13. Congrats to Chief and so sorry for your sad news. I love your block and hope you have found some solace in your sewing.

  14. Every quilt should have one error, by accident or on purpose, because only God is perfect. That's the story I have heard. Besides you only see it if someone points it out to you. The block looks great!


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