Thursday, 24 January 2013


I had sort of made up my mind last blog post that I wouldn't blog again until I had some sewing to share with you. But seeing as I'm a dead loss at the moment, I'd not be saying 'Hi' on here to you all for a long time, if I started making rash decisions to only blog when I'd sewed something.

I feel I should be coming up with a really good excuse like my dog ate my sewing and then a dinosaur travelled through time and ate the dog...but the truth - short version is: walking to and from work because of the snow has wiped me out. Low iron, precarious health and walking a 2 mile plus round trip is not conducive with good health and the ability to stay awake for very long.  It's frustrating because I enjoyed my walks in the snow. Just not the exhaustion that went with them.  Especially since this year I bought some snow boots online in a sale. One of my few 2013 purchases and worth every penny. And on Monday I took a point and shoot camera with me and managed to get some lovely birdie shots on my way home - thanks to a Fieldfare that decided it was more interested in berries a foot away from me, than worried about me and my camera.

My Walk Home

The walk that should maybe take me quarter of an hour took half an hour on Tuesday as I just struggled. I told myself to 'man up' as Chief would say. But the reality was it felt like I'd been on the race to the pole with Scott of the Antarctic not strolling home. I got home and vegged out on the sofa. Barely enthusiastic to open what birthday cards and pressies had made it. Then my niece and brother called around to see me and I was chatting and trying not to be grumpy when really my body was shouting to be let go to bed. Not the most exciting way to spend a Birthday. I hope next years is more fun. Especially as it's a milestone one.

I did get sent some lovely flowers from Chief. That was surprise as he'd already admitted he hadn't got me a card and I'd have to have one late.

Birthday Flowers

I actually had a lovely present from a friend and fellow blogger. However, the pictures of it so far are rubbish and don't do it justice so I'll save that for another blog post. 

And in case you hadn't see enough birds around her of late here are some more.

"So" said the Pheasant to the Blackbird, "Do you come here often?"

We've had a lot of pheasant visitors in the garden of late. Although it was quite a surprise to see this fellow walking along the top of the 6ft fence that divides my garden from my neighbours!


I was amazed I got this shot. I felt rubbish. I was stood in my kitchen a good distance away from this birdie and took the picture in a snow storm through the kitchen window, which is not only leaded but dirty! The birdie, in case you didn't know, is a little owl and this is one of it's favourite sitting places.  It looks quite fat here because it's all puffed up against the cold.

So I've done better on the birdie front than the sewing front. But we're nearing another weekend and now Chief has a stinking cold it's unlikely I'll see him on Saturday as planned. I may just get to sew! I'm worried I may never want to sew again! 


  1. You will sew when you are ready. Absolutely no sense trying to make yourself do it. The bird photos are lovely and the flowers beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful belated birthday celebration with Chief.

  2. But don't forget that Amundsen beat Scott to the South Pole and managed not to get himself killed on the way home so that's something ;)

    Seriously though don't worry about us, we will wait. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Don't stress about not sewing, you will when your ready. Sorry that you are still under the weather

  4. You'll sew when you're ready so don't force it. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your birthday presents!

  5. blimmin weather! It's supposed to be warming up this weekend (although then the rain will start). Beautiful flowers :-D

  6. Start saving your energy for your 60th!!

    Great birdie shots - I'll settle for those if there's no sewing - miss you!

  7. Och, the birdies will keep us entertained a while! Belated happy birthday, and hope you can get back to driving to work again soon to retain your energy!

  8. I send you some very warm and humid tropical monsoon air. Did you feel it?
    Now about sewing and feeling crook ... Why not try just a little hand embroidery? A small panel that could later become part of a zipper pouch would satisfy your creative urges and tell people you are busy. Relaxing. Resting. Lounging-on-the-couch activity. Need-not-ever-be-finished timeline. Something to do while you play Hugh Grant movies.
    Drink some lemon juice with honey and soon you will feel a bit better. Relax. Soup. Flop around in your dressing gown. Tea. Fruit. This is why canned and frozen foods exist, so use them.
    All your bloggy friends care very much.

  9. Happy birthday Jan - I'm guessing it was your 21st? ;-) Sorry you are still feeling well and have had to trudge through the snow. Your birdie photos are lovely.

  10. Don't fret J! Sewing should never be a pressure or obligation. It will come back in time. Your birdie pics are amazing! And happy birthday btw! Jxo

  11. Ooooo good bird photos... and beautiful flowers, let's hope it thaws soon! Keep your chin up honey xxx

  12. The birdie photos are great. Don't worry about the sewing. Listen to your body - if you need sleep then sleep. Enjoy your belated birthday celebrations with Chief. Di x

  13. The photos are beautiful. Feel better soon!

  14. Love the fieldfare! I'd concentrate in the photos for now - great that you have another hobby!

    Enjoy the celebration with Chief when it happens! I always like to prolong my birthdays!

  15. You could count the birds this weekend for the Big Garden Birdwatch....looks like you get more interesting ones than us, though this week we have had a black cap visit us for the first time.

  16. So sorry you've still not felt good. I'm not sure I could "man up" and walk that far while feeling crummy. The bird pics are lovely!


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