Friday, 25 January 2013

Is that my mojo stirring from it's long slumber?

So where were we? Ah yes, I was taking pictures of birdies out of the window and pondering whether I would ever feel like sewing again. Then I heard today I'd had a parcel in the mail. A parcel that felt like fabric. When Mum told me this I'm sure there was a hint of: I thought you weren't buying more fabric in her voice.  I could sort of see why when I got home because the parcel was massive!

Sometime last year I signed up for the vintage sheet swap that Mary was organising. I'd seen some scrummy vintage sheet quilts made by Judith and really like the idea of making one myself. I kept reading on the Internet that everyone's local charity shop was full of hidden fabric treasures. So I went off searching myself and drew a big fat blank. Not a whiff of a vintage sheet. (Maybe a whiff of something else in one or two of the charity shops, but we won't go into that.) I had hoped I'd be able to go looking in a few different towns. Only I got ill and then it was Christmas and the swap was starting in January.  I resigned myself to sitting on the sidelines and watching.

Then the lovely Helen said she'd found some vintage sheets and could contribute some on my behalf. Wasn't that a lovely thing to do? I owe her a drink or two at the FQ retreat (and now I've seen just how many vintage FQ's I've scored, probably owe her a vital organ or something.)

Having not tried to cut up a sheet or two I had no idea how many fat quarters you could get and therefore I had no idea how many to expect. But look at this stack!

Vintage Treasure

You maybe thinking why haven't I spread these out so you can have a proper look. Well, I assure you I'm not hiding any horrors. Mary the organiser is a vintage bedding expert and she'd not send out anything that didn't pass muster.  There is a great selection, only my entire downstairs has recessed halogen bulbs that seem to go every few days. I currently have so many lamps out I am sure people passing by think we've forgotten to pay the electric bill. Winter light and lack of light bulbs mean it's just too dark to get a decent shot if they're spread out.  I will get more lamps tomorrow, so I can hopefully get some better shots. That's assuming I haven't cut into them, because the need to cut up these up and make a quilt like this is calling me. I've just given them another wash so they're currently drying. Tomorrow I may start cutting and...


Yes, people. Actual sewing may happen tomorrow. I am doing enough nan napping to deserve a nan nap quilt of my own.  If you have no vintage sheets and want to use some in your projects Mary stocks some lovely vintage charm packs in her shop.

What are you sewing this weekend?


  1. I'm still in shock at how difficult it is to sew in the UK during wintertime due to the lack of light. It's tough! Enjoy your sheets and so happy to hear Mr.Mojo is back in town :-)

  2. What a star Helen is. Good bloggy friends are hard to beat. Get behind that sewing machine and enjoy sewing those lovely fabrics. Di x

  3. Wow! You're going to have a brilliant quilt! Lovely of Helen to do this for you.

  4. Oh I do hope your mojo sticks around and that you have some real fun stitching this weekend. Helen is an absolute star to pass these on to you!

  5. Hurrah I'm glad they got to you ok AND that you like them! Can't wait to see what you make.

  6. Woohoo, wakey wakey little mojo!

  7. LOL! I'm so pleased you've got your hands on some vintage lovelies! And thanks too for the lovely inspiration plug! I'm routing for your very own nana naps vintage quilt! Happy sewing! Jxo

  8. hooray for the return of the mojo! Have fun :-D

  9. They are a lovely selection, sounds like you will have it finished soon. You can keep your vital organs, a drink will do nicely.


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