Sunday, 24 March 2013

Food Glorious Food!

I am not liking this continued winter weather. Even though many of you are finding the excuse to stay indoors conducive to sewing. I'm finding it's just motivating me to snuggle up on the sofa and mess about on the laptop or sleep. That said I had two social events last week. The first was getting together with a couple of friends for a meal at The White Hart, Beaconsfield.  I had taken my camera with me so I could take a picture for my Project365 - Picture of the Day project. It ended up being of my friend Becky messing about with the dessert menu.

Fun with Beqi

It was also the first time in 2013 a picture of me had been taken with my face in it. My 2013 year book is very short on pages this year so far. I'd assumed there would be celebratory pictures for my birthday and Mum's 80th not to mention Mother's Day. But alas not. 

In case you wondered I'd opted for the peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake.
 I couldn't manage it all!

The day after Chief came down.  He had bought some German food for me to try. (He developed a taste for this when he lived in Germany for some years.) Which he cooked and smothered in German Curry Sauce for my lunch. He gets this from his 'Sauce Doris' (Yes, best not ask. But that's where he was off when he drove past yours Di!).  I am famed for not liking Curry of any persuasion.  I wasn't expecting to like it. Chief was not expecting me to like it. Or that I'd like it so much he'd be obliged to leave one of his precious bottles behind in my fridge.  But he did.  I was too busy wolfing down my curry wurst and frikadelle to get a picture. But later when he cooked me the fillet steak I'd picked up as a treat earlier I did get a picture of it cooking. 

Fillet Steak

But alas not a pic of it on the plate with potato wedges, tomato, mushrooms and onions.  It was delicious. He'll be cooking all my steaks from now on.  Then after an individual Waitrose chocolate tarts we headed off to the village trivia quiz. The quiz was fun but hard. We came 5th although just prior to the ploughmans meal break (yes, I had a lot of food on Friday!) we were second.  Chief had work the next day so had to leave to go home straight after the quiz. I went straight to bed and kept him company on the journey all the way home. It was a pretty unpleasant journey thanks to snow and blizzard conditions. He got home just before 1 am so I've been a bit like a zombie all weekend. Thank heavens I had plenty of food to fortify me eh?!


  1. Yummy food all round. I waved at Chief but did he wave back? Di x

  2. I have just had dinner but this is making me hungry!

  3. Good food, good friends and Chief. Pleased some. Ice stuff is happening.

  4. I'll love the rhubarb creme brule or hmm, perhaps the cheese board :) I can't see the first photo because it's private apparently...never mind, good to hear you have had some time with Chief and good friends.

  5. Great food indeed, although that menu would probably be mistaken for my share of the Bill if I'd been there!


  6. Good to see you're not fading away :oD

  7. I've eaten there a few times, although about 10 years ago, so its probably changed since then!sounds like a great weekend

  8. Ah, eating your way through the weekend? I like it! You're looking great too! Jox


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