Friday, 15 March 2013

It's been just over a year...

...since I became a Parish Councillor. I don't know where that year has gone to. If you read this post you'll know I went along to a meeting to see what it was all about with a view to joining and within minutes of the meeting I'd been co-opted.  I had no idea the range of activities I'd get involved with through being a Parish Councillor: Planting bulbs on the verges to extend the spring like show of daffodils around the village; litter picking; attending meetings at other groups like The Village Hall and the local university.  Then tonight making a cake for an open archive event at the local school tomorrow.

One cake will be sliced up and put in our freezer for Chief.

The parish council heard about the archive project.  It encompasses artefacts found around the local school campus and the history of site. The site used to be the village estate. As such all the old houses, including mine were once owned by the estate and families had rented them whilst undertaking work on the estate. When the estate was broken up the houses were sold and the families living in them had first refusal to purchase.  

It's also how come my old school has a moat. The island is to the right.  

The Moat

And explains why I had English in a converted Stable block...

The Stable block at Wheatley Park School, Holton

...French, RE and Music in a grand old house with pretentions to be castle

Holton Park House

It may feel a little strange to be going back to school tomorrow. The part of the building I'm going to used to be the Sixth Form Centre and I've not been back to that part since my own sixth form days. 

Oh and before you think this is some posh private school. It's actually the local comprehensive school.  

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. The cakes look delicious. Hope you have a nice - if possibly a little weird! - evening at the school.

  2. Yum - cake! Enjoy the event. Your school looks magnificent. What a great atmosphere to study in.

  3. What a super building to go to school in! My old school was built new in the 1960s, and grew, and grew.

    Cakes look lovely, well risen and delish.

    have a good archive.

  4. I sure enjoyed this peek at your school. The cakes look delicious.

  5. It may be the local comp, but it is Oxfordshire dahling ;o)

  6. Scrummy looking cakes Jan. Well done on making a very valuable contribution to your local area as a Parish Counsellor. Your old school looks so beautiful!

  7. Wish my old school looked like that! Jxo

  8. Wowsers, that is a pretty school! Chookie's primary school is housed in the building that was the junior annex for my comprehensive. When I went in to register her I hadn't been in it for 20 years and it was so small! It'll be interesting to hear what you think.

  9. Very impressive buildings. And the cakes look great. I'm sure they will taste great too!

  10. If I had gone to school in such a fantastic setting I would have spent all of my time day dreaming.

  11. Gorgeous school buildings, nothing like the building my school was in which has was demolished before it fell down ;o)

    Hope you enjoyed going back!

  12. Hope you had fun!
    My 6th form building blew down in the '87 hurricane, so I spent my last 6 months in mobile huts ;(

  13. How fun to be going down memory cake (lol - I kept that error in as I clearly had something on my mind!) Trip down memory lane!

  14. I remember running up and down the road around the moat several times a day...... always worried I'd be late for the next lesson!! It does look like a really posh school from your photos.... (we know the truth!) x

  15. that school does look like a private one doesn't it??? How gorgeous though to attend it! yummy cake!

  16. That does indeed look posh.
    Which village is it Jan?

  17. Great looking school! And yummy cake!


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