Thursday, 28 March 2013

Turning the air blue

Those of you of a sensitive nature were lucky not to be around me this afternoon. I turned into a grumpy sweary she-monster. My potty mouth and general temperament was off the scale ugly. Positively medieval. You may be wonder what on earth had turned me from my usual mild mannered self into such a nightmare. If you're not that interested well you may want to skip this post altogether.

The story should actually start last Thursday when myself and two friends got together for a meal out. One of my friends Beqi was wearing the first scarf I've ever knitted that actually looked like a scarf and not some freak accident in a yarn factory. (Which is what all my child hood attempts at trying to knit ended up like.)


I do not find knitting an easy skill. I can't normally cast on and it's only through knitting these type of scarves I've learnt how to cast off. Anyway, Beqi was telling us how she'd had lots of admiring looks and comments in the scarf. I told my Mum and she said something about how I'd given lots of scarves away as presents (Only one knitted!) but never given her one. So I went online and bought some yarn in colours she'd like with the idea I'd make her a loopy scarf.  I had only knitted a couple of these before and try as I might I could not find that brand in suitable colours so I opted for a different brand and today the wool arrived. I thought I'd spend a couple of hours in my usual spot on the sofa knitting. Each scarf only takes one ball of wool and is easier enough for a rubbish knitter like me to manage. I'm spending a lot of time on the sofa these days rather than doing other stuff. The idea of being able to do something (other than play games on facebook) while on the sofa meant a win win all round.

Until that was I started to knit the scarf. All thread is not equal. I should know that from sewing I guess. I don't know whether I got a duffy ball, whether it was the change in brand or something else. But knitting with this was a nightmare. For those of you that have never knitted with this kind of yarn. It's actually a mesh that's wound into a ball in ribbons that you pull apart to access the mesh. Using the top thin end you knit through this and it creates ruffles with the pulled apart mesh sections. (Clear as mud right?!) Only not long after I'd started knitting the thread started to twist and turn. I kept unwinding it but as fast I did so it coiled back up making it almost impossible to open up a section of the mesh to knit through.

See that all twisted up - that's how it got really ugly.

I had to get Mum involved with some untwisting. (Due to not having arms like an octopus.) We were both fed up with the whole process. A scarf in a few hours doubled and then some.  When I found a knot in the ball of yarn where two sections had been joined together. I undid the knot and that did help with the uncoiling. By the time I'd got to that end we decided the scarf was more than long enough for my Mum. So I called it a day there and stopped swearing.

365-87 28 March 2013
The light is not great but you get an idea of Mum's scarf. 

But at least I made something right?


  1. That took lots of patience (& swear words!) but you got there in the end! Well done for persevering! Jxo

  2. Blimey what a woolly palaver! Scarf look lovely in spite of it though. Beautiful colour!!

  3. Well done for persevering. I was also turning the air blue today, not least because it took me 2 hours to do my normal 15 minute drive home - ugh!

  4. It looks great, love those colours

  5. And therein lies the reason I do not knit!

  6. aaargh!!!!!!!! that sounds like a nightmare! Lovely scarf though :-D

  7. pretty colours!
    My mathematical brain says, ' how can you knit with the full width of that crazy yarn, just though the skinny loops at one edge, and not just end up with a mess?' But you have done it and it looks great.

    and those funny words you said? just extra love knitted in!

  8. Sounds like a total nightmare - glad it worked out in the end xxx

  9. What a nightmare! I've not seen that yarn do anything like that before, I'd have thrown it across the room!

  10. At least it's gorgeous, though! I hate when something that should be simple turns into a nightmare.

  11. Knitting is the devil's work bwahahahaha!

  12. Like Helen,I like to throw things!


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