Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Decision is Made

A big thank you to everyone who offered advice after yesterday's post. (If I didn't reply to your comment please check as to whether you are a no-reply-blogger as I noticed a couple of folk were.)

The big consensus was that as I'm sewing for pleasure I should do sewing that is pleasurable and not put myself through making stuff that I am really just not that into.  With that in mind, and in response to some other comments, I've decided to put the Weekender Bag on the back burner and concentrate on making myself a kick-ass-cool tote for the Retreat.  I'm not saying I'll never finish the weekender. I'm just not doing it right now, or in time for the Retreat.

I had been leaning towards the large Sidekick Tote.  I'd bought the pattern when if first came out and then as I had no bag hardware I'd not bothered making it.  (It's at times like this I wish we had a local habdash shop so I could pick up a reel of cotton when I run out midway or a zip or ... strap slides so I can make a sidekick tote!)

Then I wondered what fabric to use.  Someone wisely said to use fabric I loved so much that I'd use the bag until it fell apart. That same person might have also said that I'd know the right fabric when I saw it.

Earlier I had a kerching moment. I'd been sat with ideas running through my brain. Auditioning fabric I didn't even own. Fabric I'd window shopped for but not purchased and then it hit me. I already had exactly the perfect fabric and exactly the right idea for a bag that would fit the bill for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London.  Better still though it would be the sort of bag I could use for other stuff too.

A crucial part of my idea will be kept top secret until I've made the bag. For two reasons. 1) it's too bloomin' cool to spoil the idea by blabbing about it before it's done.  2) It may all go horribly wrong and not work and if that's the case I'll forget I ever told you I had a bloomin' cool idea and just show you the finished bag in plan B fabric.

Sidekick Tote

So the bag hardware has been ordered and despatched. The paper pieces have been printed and cut out.  The main bag will be in this Essex Linen which may well be putty. The patterned fabric is my top choice for the lining. I love that fabric so much I wish I'd been able to score enough for a skirt, but as it is I only have a half yard.  The photo doesn't do the colour justice.

The secret bit is the external pocket. If my bloomin' cool idea does work out I'll have a give away to celebrate. I'm sure I'm due a giveaway. I just won't be giving away this bag :-)


  1. It sounds like you have a plan! Can' wait to see what you're up to...what is that patterned fabric?

  2. Looking forward to seeing the reveal!

  3. Compared to yesterday, you sound positively jubilant!! Looking forward to the result.

  4. HaHa! I'm finally someone. I love that lining fabric. Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

  5. You're a big tease, missus! ! But I'm glad you have a plan!

  6. Aww, no, don't keep us in suspenders! (says she, having done just that for a year ;o) )

  7. great choice for fabrics, and they are all right, you should be sewing love not duty right now! It all starts to sound exciting!

  8. it's going to be fab! Can't wait to see what you use for the pocket, you secretive lady!

  9. Glad you have decided. You sound excited already!


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