Monday, 29 April 2013

A No Sew Weekend

I didn't get anywhere close to doing any stitching this weekend. First off I had to get on with some serious decluttering for two reasons: 1) I had a skip with some space in it and before it goes I wanted to make sure any of the big items I have to get rid of have been deposited in it. 2) After multiple roof leaks we thought we'd best check in the spare bedroom that water hadn't dripped onto the shelves where we had all our family photo albums. Thankfully it appeared it hadn't. But in order to do the job properly I thought I'd get on with a spring clean at the same time. It was exhausting and I still have an awful lot to do. In fact by 11.30am on Saturday I was convinced it was about 3pm. It felt like I'd been doing it for ages.

Sunday Chief got down. We were both exhausted. I was still in bed when he arrived and then promptly dozed off whilst he was lying in bed next to me.  We went out in search of birds and wildlife to photograph but only a female kestrel decided to pose with us long enough for us to take pictures. Unfortunately the light was awful and we don't think our camera's are great in low light levels.

Chief tweaked this a bit for me on photoshop so you can at least see the detailing.

I was exhausted by the time Chief left. In fact he was too. I certainly wasn't with it enough to dare picking up a rotary cutter.

Today I finished work early to go to the hospital with Mum.  So no sewing today either. Still tomorrow is another day so I might just manage to make the last bee blocks for April on the last day of the month. I am finding more and more that life gets in the way and stops me from getting my bee blocks on time. My one consolation is I'm not the only one.

For now I think I need to put a load of washing on then contemplate a snooze.


  1. I have the cleaning thing to do this weekend, soooo not looking forward to it!

  2. I am ignoring the cleaning until the summer holidays, at least it's a plan!
    I also had an unitentional quick 40 winks before the school run - woke up just in time.
    Don't burn out missus xxx

  3. So good to hear you got some Chief time even if you were both exhausted. Love the shot of the birdie :)

  4. hey you - I hope your Mum's OK. Sorry you are still having lots of house stuff to deal with - there are certainly too many things curtailing your sewing time at the moment! Fab bird pics xx

  5. Glad you saw Chief, even if you weren't awake for all of it. Sleep if you need sleep. Sewing will still be there when you wake up.

  6. Just don't exhaust yourself to the point of collapse! And I am glad you had quality time with Chief!


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