Monday, 1 April 2013

So that was Easter

I could get used to these long weekends. They should become law. Paid of course. The cold weather made me stay indoors more than I'd have liked. I did have some hopes for a day out at least somewhere but really when it was so cold I decided my time would be better spent indoors tackling some decluttering. Necessitated by some changes that could be happening on the home front over the next few months.

Mum and I did venture to a local pub for some lunch. Her first time out since being ill. Despite a roaring fire in the pub it was quite cold so we didn't hang about.

I didn't have an Easter egg this year but did find some mini eggs lurking in the cupboard.  I did need a few treats between decluttering.

Happy Easter

I managed some sewing today. March HipBee block for Rachel.  I had a slight fabric quantity malfunction so I can only show you a WIP but hopefully Rachel will like how this is shaping up.

Opps this is where I'm short 

The block is called Puss in the Corner - which is quite topical today. This morning I went to put something in the boot of my car and this cat came bounding up to greet me. The neighbourhood cats are not very friendly. In fact some look half feral and I'd not want to go anywhere near anyway. Even when I used to feed my neighbours cats they would not come near me if they saw me outside the neighbours house.  

This cat was super too friendly as when I went back to the house it tried to get in. It then started scratching the door and mewing.  I managed to get outside the house again (I tried to gently coax the cat out of the way with a nearby broom only it thought that was a fine game and I was playing.)  to go to the shops but it apparently cried all the time I'd gone and when I came back again it ran out to greet me and then tried to get in the house and even worked out how to open the door handle - meaning we had to lock the door.  The cat then proceeded to try all the windows and alternated between them and the back porch until it eventually got bored and went away.

My new stalker

She looks fairly young and she isn't a bit timid and looks well looked after and she is super cute. But as a bird watcher and gardener, with a mother and other half not keen on cats I dare not encourage her.

I hope you had a lovely Easter and it warms up soon.  During the decluttering I saw all my lovely summer clothes.  I so want to be wearing them!


  1. What a sweet kitty! I hope her owners find her. Perhaps she has a microchip.

  2. OK, the cat would be freaking me out acting like some mad stalker!!

    With you on the cold - had enough, really want to be outside but honestly am not that daft!

  3. I am so allergic cats, but I would really love one. Glad to hear your mum is getting better, hopefully the warm weather will be here soon and you can both get out in the sunshine

  4. I'm craving some lighter clothes too! Your block for Rachel is shaping up nicely. Jxo

  5. Hope the cat remembered what her owners looked like!

  6. I find it impossible to de-junk..... I think everything has a use I save it....can you come and de-junk for me?

  7. Either that cat's a burglar (cat burglar - geddit?) or you've been adopted :)

  8. The Puss in Boots block is going together lovely. As for the visiting puss, well I'm a cat lover so I would bring it in and pop it I front of the fire!!! Perhaps it has worried owners around. Di x

  9. My mother would have launched some buckets of water at said feline ;o)

    BTW, those eggs look rather vibrant in colour, I hope your mum didn't have to scrape you off the ceiling at bedtime...

  10. Hang in there. Spring is just around the corner.

  11. Maybe she wanted to see Puss in the Corner!? Hope she finds a good home if she hasn't got one already....

    But I can see why you wanted to keep her away though some cats see that as a challenge...good luck Jan!

  12. I hope the cat's given you up as a lost cause on the warm lap front and gone back home!

  13. Glad you enjoyed some time off work for Easter.... de-cluttering is never fun (unless you find forgotten treasure under the clutter) Rachel's block is looking good x


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